What can i say about this guy’s rise? Shakka had us all gassing in 2012 with the Shakka Crown Affair and his Shakkappelas earning him rave reviews and new fans. If you had caught his YoYo set in 2012 however you knew he had new material waiting to drop that we all eagerly anticipated but what did he go and do first??? He only landed himself on the lead single from Wretch 32′s sophomore Album “Blackout”. Tune was insane and of course Shakka’s performance was insane but what it did was put him on the screens and into households across Britain. Wretch took him everywhere helping him gain the recognition and spotlight he deserved. Off the back of that he joined the Basement Jaxx crew as a vocalist and earned a support slot on another one of 2013′s big achievers Rudimental. He was hitting the big stages and his fan base was growing as was to be expected from someone as infectious as Shaks.
The core fan base was still waiting for new material though and when it did drop BWOY did it drop. “Tribe” is a masterpiece. There is something for everyone in there taking you on a journey to find out and discover just what this man and his sound is about. He regularly describes it as a blend of Coldplay and Bob Marley and its pretty spot on. The musicianship is incredible with synths, snares and cymbals causing explosions in your eardrums throughout whilst baselines drive all the tracks. There are some gorgeous guitar melodies and solos in their to boot and Shakka’s vocals just bring it all together. Tracks like “Strength of an Ox” and “Go Lady” (why are there not videos for these two tunes) are straight up anthems that deserve to be performed on the biggest stages in the country. If he continues at the pace he is going and keeps the quality i have no doubt it will not be too long before that is a reality. He is a shining light and example to all that the scene can create stars who can play the game their way and win you just gotta put that work in and the talent will shine through. He deserves every success and i am certain he has not peaked just yet. Shakka with two Ks… the future looks bright sir… onwards and upwards!

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