There is no disguising my love of this lady’s art. Tawiah is simply sensational and in my humble opinion the best artist we have in this country and over the next couple of years i hope that more and more people get to appreciate it as she is truly brilliant. She has always been a phenomenal vocalist as is displayed all over this years FreedomDrop mix tape. Its a recording that her fan base had been waiting for and she did not disappoint. For me the clear standout was always “FACes” with its irresistible groove and catchy sing along chorus but other tracks like “Sweet Me” and “SEAlion” showed her superb writing ability. But its not just her own material. Her covers of “Open Your Eyes” and “Candy Rain” were just stunning and showed once again just how brilliant an artist she is taking someone else’s art and making it her own.
What i really loved though was the way she displayed her craft on stage. Starting the year rocking the stage as part of a trio with the geniuses that are Jodie Milner and Ben Jones she held her own not just leading on vocals but also leading on guitar and bass too. It was an awesome sight to watch as she was worked the crowds at the Put Me On It show and her headline performance on our Streetfest Stage. She then moved onto performing on her own with guitar and loop pedal and left crowds mesmerised at the Jazz Cafe and SOUND:CHECK. She is the perfect example of someone who has mastered their art and craft with a finesse that few can rival which is why for me she has been near untouchable in 2013. It is only a matter of time before her name will shine in even brighter lights.

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