Incisive dropped his “Where is He” mixtape at the top of the year and spent the first half of the year pushing it out there. It is one of my favourite bodies of work this year. The production is so tight with tracks like “Closer” and the title track “Where is He” just giving you that irresistible urge to bop your head. Tracks like “Role Models” and “Alright” (my personal favourite can’t ignore the horns) contained positive messages alongside quality instrumentals. There have been some great videos too, how he pulled off the Car Show video with Three Incisives i have no idea and lets not talk about his RIDICULOUS instagram videos at the end of the summer. As well as the quality i think thats what helps set him apart his attention to detail. He oversees and leads every video, track and live performance to ensure they are the perfect representation of him and his art. His latest release “Winners” with Damien Marley and Dionne Reid is hopefully a sign of the goodness we can continue to expect from the man in 2014 which will ultimately lead to more success!!!

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