Two things i love to see in artists. Number 1 consistency Number 2 progression. With the drop of his Toby Ep at the top of the month Cynikal continues to show both in abundance. Production qualities on the 4 track free to download EP are high and very polished. Each track has an atmospheric feel to it with great use of guitar rifts, synths and the full kit. The EP is like a building crescendo with the first two tracks setting you up for the standout tracks “Lost” and “Yesterday”. Both tracks have great vocal lines melodies and crossover appeal. Flow and lyrical content are on point as always as Cynikal continues to define his own sound and tone. The EP is definitely a grower and without doubt worth adding to your MP3 collection!

His fan base is growing, quality levels aren’t slipping and his work ethic is stronger then most if he continues on his current path it won’t be long before the big boys deservedly come looking. Progression and consistency. Listen and download below.

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