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For a minute let’s forget about Kanye, and J Cole dropping new albums. Let’s even forget about the Jay Z new album bombshell that the UK woke up to on Monday Morning. Let’s look at something that is prehaps a little more relevant to us. Monday saw the release of the sophomore album from much acclaimed DJ and Producer Eric Lau. Its been a good 5 years since Eric released his first album “New Territories”. Since then he’s performed DJ sets around the world, made new fans & friends, produced for artists and possibly most importantly he has grown. This album shows just that his growth. His formula of Hip hop beats alongside soulful warm melodic chords and vocals is still intact, but its been enhanced, taking his music to another level.
Longtime collaborators Tawiah and Rahel are on board for the bulk of the vocal work but there’s also appearances from Oddisee and Fatima. For me though Rahel steals show. There is something heavenly about her tones that combines so beautifully with Mr Lau’s production.
The progression shown here is immense and I feel he has proven himself as a heavyweight producer and beatmaker in his genre that everyone should be taking note of both sides of the atlantic. A soundtrack to perfection… Prehaps you decide you can stream the album on Okay Player here or you can take my word for it and get downloading album here

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