So there we were back at The Bedford. It felt good. The place has such a warmth about it, but I suppose that is more down to the atmosphere and vibes that are created when OneTaste are in the house on a Sunday. Its says a lot about an event and a team when the organisers greet you with the kind of embrace filled with love that you’d expect from your mum. But I guess that’s all part of the magic that keeps people coming back and makes One Taste so special.
That and the immense talent that fills their line ups and last night was no exception. It was Obvious that a huge portion of the crowd were there to see Tawiah. And rightly so despite some slight technical hitches her performance and energy was out of this world. Her vocals are on another level to a lot of the females out there and as much as everyone enjoyed the new songs the highlight was when she dropped “Every Step” (forgot how sick that tune was) from her first EP I think everyone loved hearing that again. Really hope the powers that be give her music the platform its crying out for.
The support cast were just as brilliant. Bear armed with his guitar and mellow vocals delivered an effortlessly cool calm and quality performance. Sabrinia Mahfouz had the places in stitches with her accents, charisma and love of gravy (every time I see a gravy boat I’ll be inclined to pick it up and drink it down). Extremely proud watching G.R.E.E.d.S making his debut on the One Taste stage. He has come a mighty long way and is now a master of his words and performance (despite dropping the mic) and its fantastic that his stories are reaching new audiences.
All in all a brilliant inspiring night if you’ve never been to a One Taste show you don’t know what you’re missing. Big luv to Stac Debbie Dani and the rest of the One Taste Crew!

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