Whilst the sun was shining and the air smelt positive in the heart of Shoreditch, KM Scribbles managed to catch up with the lovely Kersha Bailey a few days before her highly anticipated album launch, over some sweet tasting juice.  See the exclusive interview below :)

So Ms Kersha let’s get straight into it! Let’s cover some background ;) How long have you been singing? Did you know this was what you always wanted to do?

 Funnily enough I did want to be a Fashion Designer at one point but I realised that wasn’t really my passion. My mum is a singer and singing is in my family so when I started singing it just felt right. I actually did some acting for about 5 years but that was not my passion either. I have been singing from the age of 5 and that is where my heart belongs.  

 Your guitar skills are very impressive and I know you taught yourself how to play right? How long did it take you to teach yourself?

Thank you, I do teach myself yeah. I have been playing the guitar for 5 years but I did lose motivation for a while and lost patience of teaching myself so I have been consistent with playing and learning for 2 years. I am still learning though, I would probably say I am a bit better than a basic player but I want to increase my skills with reading music especially. How I actually started playing the guitar was whilst I was at a friend’s house. Her guitar was just sitting next to her radiator and I picked it up and started humming. I teach myself by humming a melody and writing it down really fast and then trying to find it on the guitar. I also had a few guitar lessons from Michael Kiwanuka & N Dubz’s guitarist Martin Anderson.  I used to play keys and the drums but I didn’t really feel a connection to them.

 I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peak of your album and I love thelyrics in your songs. Are they all written from your personal experience? Where do you get your inspiration from?

The majority of the album is from my personal experiences and my journey so far or I sometimes createstories which I think stems from the acting that I did. The song “Ain’t gonna waste my time,”

..{Interupption} Yes is that the first track? I love that song! Sorry continue lol…

 Aww thank you, the song is about a guy I was with; my first boyfriend. I was a virgin, as I am now and it’s like he couldn’t wait! He was a typical bad boy and I thought I could change him and help him but I realised that really was not the case. He cheated on me and it really hurt. I even put down my guitar for a little while and I did not realise that I had fallen away from my music. It’s crazy how when something like that happens you don’t actually realise how much it affects you and your everyday living. So yeah that is the story behind that song. The track ‘Beyond the Stars’ which is the album title is about when I was younger and wasn’t really confident. I would  sometimes do things that would go against what I believed in. A few years in I slowly started to gain confidence and accepted who I am….I’m still a working progress but i know I’m loved :)  Other inspiration I get is from people around me and things that may have happened to them but mainly my own experiences.

Wow, yea trust me it’s a hard lesson learning you can’t change someone! Do you have a favourite spot you like to go and write songs? What’s the craziest thing you have written a song about?

 Not really, I write songs ANYWHERE! The song ‘Minotaur and Me,’ may be confusing to people when they hear it as they may not understand what it is about. It is actually based on a bad dream I had which made me wake up in a cold sweat. In the dream the Minotaur was chasing me and there was a voice telling me to run. The dream seemed crazy at the time but I wrote a song about it and it was only years later that I realised the true meaning of the dream and the song. The Minotaur represented the male figures in my life who weren’t there, one of which being my dad who is non-existent and when I did come into contact with him it wasn’t anything positive. Also the guy I spoke about earlier – both of them are male figures that didn’t bring any positivity to my life. They appear all nice in the beginning but then you realise it’s not really what it seemed.

Wow it’s funny how life can work out sometimes. In your own words how would you describe your style?

Ah, I’ve asked my band they don’t even know, lol. My manager says I don’t need to confine myself to a genre or box; my music is just my music. For me I would say I am a mixture of genres with mainly Jazz and parts of Indie and Acoustic Soul. But I mean what section would that be placed under in HMV? LOL

What do you think about the UK music scene at the moment?

I think it’s heathly – we’re getting some recognition and I think it’s great. Whilst the focus is somewhat out here now I think it’s the time for the deserving artists and musicians to make their platform. We all know there are a lot of great artists in the US but I think it UK’s time now.

 How would you describe your journey as a solo artist so far?

It has been eventful and very interesting. When I was exposed to venues with the buzz around me I didn’t have the right people by my side to keep me grounded and to help me. I had people approach me who made a lot of false promises which obviously never worked out. I then lost my buzz slightly because when nothing is heard from you people automatically think you aren’t doing anything and I didn’t want people to forget about me. That was my low point. Also being unsigned is a struggle especially financially as you have to fund everything independently yourself. My album is going to be digitally released and I will be saving money from the guest list from my launch to hopefully print hard copies. This industry can be really stressful but I have had some high points too. Beverley Knight invited me to one of her gig rehearsals which was a really nice night – it was good to get an inside feel of what the industry is like and to learn from someone already in it. I got to just chill with her as well and buss’ joke which is always nice. I also had my tracks played in L.A and I headlined at Ronnie Scott’s and recorded a track with Labrinth – good times.

So the launch is fast approaching! Tell me about that – how is the preparation going?

It’s been a crazy one and because I am unsigned and not working I don’t have all the financial backing to support me and get the venue I really wanted to. Luckily enough though DJ Supa Fine offered to help me out with securing a venue and that’s how I managed to get The Hideaway. I will be honest and say it is not the ideal venue I had hoped for but I am really grateful. I am just stressing about trying to change the décor to put my Kersha Bailey twist on it and make it feel more homely. I would love to have some carpet, big lamp shades and cupcakes present at my launch. The decor the venue has at the moment includes skulls on the wall which definitely isn’t me but I am working with it. I am excited about the launch and nervous at the same time. I did not expect to see the amount of numbers that I have seen on the list to attend but for that I am so grateful, excited and nervous!

If you was not singing what would you be doing?

I would either be teaching music/singing or teaching how to play the guitar. I also like the idea of developing artists too with their singing voices as well as song writing.

Okay to finish up, describe what music is to you in one sentence.

Oh, it’s not just one thing for me. Music is a form of release no matter how you feel whether it’s happy or sad you can relate to it. It allows you to be yourself – you can be whacky, crazy sometimes strange. You can just be you and not be judged.

KM Scribbles

Kersha Bailey’s debut album ‘Beyond The Stars’ will be released on iTunes on Friday 30th March 2012.

The album launch will be held on Thursday 29th March 2012 down at The Hideaway, 114 Junction Road, London N19 5BL from 8pm!


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