Sunday 18th March 2012, was the day London based singer/songwriter Wilson, shared his highly anticipated debut EP; ‘Painted on Silence with the universe. In my humble opinion this is one of the best pieces of music to ever bless the UK music scene. From start to finish, from intro to outro the level of talent, expertise and musical finesse shine throughout the entire EP. Equipped with 6 tracks that have been musically bounded in perfect harmony, Wilson gives us an insight into his journey.  To begin with Wilson’s smooth, sexy voice declares his undying love for music as well as the utmost respect he holds for artists such as Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway and the late Michael Jackson who also inspire him. Throughout the EP Wilson’s lyrics are very thought provoking and they tell a story – a story that has you gripped from the first decibel. Tracks such as ‘First Class,’ demonstrate Wilson’s amazing song writing skills as it clear that he has penned this song with such compassion and creativity. The lyrics are genius and gel so well with the title. ‘Stay With Me,’ is a beautiful up tempo track that will get you moving without you even realising; his music is powerful it speaks to your soul. This may be a strange analogy to some but Wilson’s voice can be compared to the likes of Denzel in the way in which it can captivate a woman’s attention. His voice is sensual and it cradles the beat like a mother’s hand to her child – it is just beautiful! This EP is full of real music including live instruments, real lyrics with a great story and a ridiculously talented voice. To be honest it is more than just an EP, it is art – a beautiful self portrait of Wilson, ‘Painted on Silence.’ If you haven’t heard it yet you may be the odd one out and want to rectify that very soon! Wilson is definitely not going anywhere as he knows music is what he was born to do;

“I’m staying here – my heart says it’s where I belong.”

‘Painted on Silence,’ is a jigsaw of musical bliss and I cannot wait to hear what else Wilson has in store for us!


Favourite track: Stay With Me

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