Thursday 8th March 2012, down at The Rhythm Factory in Aldgate saw the first renowned Remedy Live of 2012. The night was filled with impressive UK talent, real music and warm vibes. The show began with a slightly shy crowd who some of which were Remedy virgins but all of that anxiety was soon put to bed by the impeccable G.R.E.E.D.S who was the host for the evening. He filled them with warmth, laughter and positive vibrations which soon prepared folks for the great night ahead.

To kick start the evening singer songwriter Greg Dwight took to the stage singing 3 original tracks that definitely got the crowd moving. He eased everybody in with his first track and moved onto crowd participation with his track entitled, ‘Better Days.’ Everyone loved this track and they were soon singing along following Greg’s musical instructions. “Coz tomorrows gonna be a better day….wo-ooooo.” This was his first time performing with The Remedies and it was a complete success. Before performing Greg stated; “I’m feeling awesome and I am looking forward to seeing everyone perform – it’s going to be a great night. I will be performing tracks people have heard before to keep the EP tracks exclusive for its release. Everyone also make sure you come to Wilson’s EP launch on the 18th March.”

Next to the stage was the sexy Ms Kaana Ellie who has been missed profusely from the Remedy Live nights and the live circuit in general. Ms Ellie explained her silence as having so much going on at one time. “When you have so much going on something has to go and at that point I had to let music go but I missed it so much so I had to return. I’m back with new stuff tonight so let’s see what happens. I’m feeling nervous, feels like I’m starting all over again but I’m excited to be back!” Kaana performed four tracks and from the first note it was crystal clear that the queen of funk was back! She rocked her gorgeous, sparkly stilettos and delivered her songs with tended to “Frustration.” It’s good to see her back doing what she does best!

Third to the stage was the lyrically sound rapper Incisive who exploded the stage with his funky fresh bars performing four tracks. From the moment he stepped onto the stage his energy was infectious and his music had everybody bopping their heads and tapping their feet. He performed his soon to be released single, entitled “This groove,” of which he invited singer songwriter Shakka to the stage who features on the song. This was definitely the track of his set – amazing sound and just real music! Having spoken to him before his performance Incisive voiced, “It’s my first time with The Remedies and I am looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to a new groove, that’s different to my normal stuff – a different groove with a different band.”

To close the night was the effortlessly, flawless singer songwriter Kal Lavelle who wooed the crowd with her soothing, sensual voice. Accompanied by the band and her self played guitar she serenaded the night with a number of tracks to end the evening with appreciation for real music and real talent. Kal has a beautiful voice that is almost surreal and has the power to captivate your attention at any given moment.

If you missed this night, shame on you but no stress because this will not be the only Remedy Live for 2012.

KM Scribbles

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