Quite sad watching this. Last month one of the best nights on the circuit Soulcial held its final (hmmmmmm) show @ The Macbeth in Shoreditch. It was a great day and night with a first half on the rooftop in the sunshine with a bbq and performances from XO Man with The Remedies, Ola The Poet, Ego-Ella May, Yasine and Deanna Rodger. The 2nd half was downstairs on the main stage with Awesome performances from Wilson, Dionne Reid alongside The Remedies and Soulcial Favourites Indigo Brown closed the show. It was a great way to end things if this is the final farewell. Hats off to Chan and Lee for creating a brilliant brand and hold some fantastic nights across London town. They will be missed (but i think they’ll be back ;-D).
Another shout out to Mr Upshot for another superb job on visuals gwarn!!!

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