Thursday August 31st 2006 in Camden Town we held out first ever Remedy event. Since then we have hosted many nights crossed passed with some extremely gifted individuals (and not so gifted) doing what Music is Remedy does best supporting, promoting and developing emerging artists and providing amazing experiences for music lovers.

For those of you good at maths that means The Music is Remedy brand turns 10 next month!!! At our September 1st show we will be celebrating that but also myself and the brand will be taking a break from it all to enjoy time with my son who joins us im the coming weeks and taking on the joys, demands and responsibilities of having 2 little ones.

This means a break from blog life, social media and working out what the next chapter is for Music is Remedy.

It also means there is just 2 shows LEFT!!! So if you have never been to a Remedy night you have 2 more opportunities before our break. Details for Thursdays show just click the link, but if you know and love what we do you’ll enjoy the show so come down.

Remedy August 4th

Send me an email for £5 guestlist and join us for a great night!

And if you’ve read this far big love to you for all your support


Summertime BBQ vibes from Intalekt. A track with soft keys groovy bass but a harsher vocal tone it works really well and gets your head bopping definitely vibe. Really enjoying the brand of soulfulness that Intalekt brings to his music right up my street. Be sure to listen to the end for some more jokes.

I can’t say i’ve heard a UK artist over the last few years really pull off the Drake/Weekend Production sound but i have to say I think Althea has hit the nail on the head with her EP “See My Vision” 7 tracks of contemporary RnB goodness. I can’t say I love all the tracks on here “Out of Time” has all the makings of an epic single that could easily break a major artist. A fine piece of work from an artist causing everyone to pay attention.

So when Sincerely Wilson dropped “Chains” last week he opened it up for other artists to join him on the track and record their own verse giving the artist a platform to deliver their art on the subject mater. First to step up to the plate the epic AKS. As we already know from AKS’ single earlier in the year the two work together well. But this is about the words and the message. Take time to take in the lyrics and feel them. Salute brothers.

Well this is a little bit dope isn’t it? With a sound he calls Neo Jazz singer/songwriter and producer Xam Volo drops this gem of a track. The intro may throw you a little (well it did me anyway) but as soon as his vocal drops in it all starts making sense and the undeniable quality of this artist begins to shine. Stunning Vocals and I love some of the piano work in the track. Definitely an artist I will be keeping a closer eye on quality!

ADTV sat down with the superstar that is Shakka after his recent performance at Wireless. He talks about how he continues to hone his craft and keep getting better. A great insight into an artist that continues to grow and inspire.

Catch Shakkas headline show at Koko this September tickets here.

Let me be clear and let me say it again…


This is so sick got a lot of time for the Sumo Chef crew and the way their exceptional musicians (shout out Oscar Laurnece on the guitar) blend styles and create their own hip hop. This is SICK.

Shout out Sofar Sounds!

The official video for the Tom Misch and Loyle Carner collab “Crazy Dream”. Its colourful fun and bright animations and dance moves and vibes. Definitely needed for the current state of affairs in the world. Dance and enjoy in the sunshine.

The Reviere EP is available now here.

Intense and powerful words and visuals from Raphael Blake as he takes on the issues of the last few weeks and deaths of black men at the hands of the police. His words and the story telling here is very sad but it is a story that needs to be told and recorded and I think he does a fine job of it here. As he says Enough is enough. Black lives mater. Salute Raphael.

I’ve been waiting to hear see something like this from Loyle Carner for the longest time. Here he performs “Florence” backed by a grand piano. Not quite the full band I was hoping for but it shows that his flow and tone are perfect for live instrumentation and it works so well. I do hope we see more from him in the future with this set up, don’t get me wrong the DJ sets are dope but i’ll never say Live isn’t the best way forward!