Another youngster rolling onto the scene with a vocal that has very little correlation with his age Mullally a Norfolk native drops Troubled love a slice of electro funkified soul pop. There are some mean synth bass runs in there to take the sweet pop edge off and his vocal pretty much carries it throughout. Powerful, raspy and full of character and style this is a name that you will be hearing a lot more of in the future.

Something pretty dark sensual and soulful from Kemi Ade. I really like the chords and guitar runs throughout. The guitar has a lovely warmth and tone whilst the bass compliments it nicely adding a bounce and groove to the track. My favourite points are towards the end where it strips down and the track is able to breathe with Kemi ad-lib over the guitar and beat. The teasing of the sax was a little bit cheeky that should have been in there!!! All in all a strong slice of UK soul.

Still lost for words describing just how this video makes me feel. What a magnificent piece of work and what a statement to make with this return single from Michael Kiwanuka. “Black Man in a White World” as much as it is a statement of the time it feels like its a throw back to the 60′s and 70′s. It matches his sound and the visuals too represent that. Michaels trademark vocal is coats the track with goodness but it is the content of the track that takes all the headlines. Superb sir superb.

I already said it when this track first dropped at the top of the year YJ ain’t playing this year. 2016 was a statement of intent and the visuals make that statement even clearer. The visuals are just as hard as the track and in fact emphasise the hardness making it even harder. As always great to see the OrphGang crew in place that make it even stronger with a couple of cameo bars in there. Releasing it through SBTV is again another signal of a rapper/lyrisct who may perhaps feel he is not getting quite the shine that his ability and calibre should command. If he carry’s on like this it won’t happen for much longer.

Its been a while since i’ve seen Anthony Anaxagorou perform reading from paper so I can only assume it is a new piece yet to be memorised. Despite that as with every time he touches the mic it is a performance filled with emotion that hooks you in to follow each verse he recites. There is pure power, history, knowledge and pain in his words and you’ll most likely have to listen 3-4 times (minimum) to gain a really good grasp of it all but it’s worth it. All 6 minutes and 35 seconds!

Shout out to Word Up where this was filmed every first Thursday of the month at the Harsleden Picture Palace.

Manchester based KinKai teams up with TinyMan to bring some fresh dopeness. Rhyming over R-Kay’s (yes he does it again) stellar production this here is a slice of classic Soulful Hip Hop that sets the vibe ever so nicely indeed. All the elements come together perfectly which is why this is so good!

Oh the vibes contained within this tune right HERE!!! That solid beat that just gets your head going so hard you’re gonna break your neck and then the way you switch into a screwface head wine when the synth drops in ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!! The production on this one from ROM is fresh and incredible and its far too short for me. The 19 year old Brummie producer kills it with what is clearly a late 90s early noughties RnB inspired production style but he still is able to keep it relevant and fresh. Emmavie is a fine choice to feature on the vocal and completes the track perfectly.

Shout out to Soulection for featuring it on their white label series that you can download for free now.

Barney Artist takes to the streets of his native Forest Gate in East London armed with a supermalt, lyrics and moves as he drops “Down” the first visuals to his forthcoming project “Painting Sounds”. The video is straightforward enough showing his personality and style whilst the beat from Jake Milner is one mellow head bopping vibe. Real quality can’t wait for this EP to drop!

Many a moon ago when Myspace ruled the world of social media I came across an amazing young vocalist singing covers on her youtube channel sounding amazing. I booked her to perform at a Remedy night and a beautiful relationship was born. Hayley Cassidy has gone on to become one of the UK’s premier RnB artists, consistently delivering fantastic performances whenever she gets behind the mic whether on stage or in the studio.

Here she talks about her beginnings as an artist and how that as hard as the live scene and the music game can be it provides inspiration and its something she just can’t turn away from.

I remember the first time I heard Raff & The Remedies cover this song thinking yeah this tune is dope… i swear I know it… yeah… no… it isn’t… it is… Spice Girls!?! I shouldn’t like this. But you do cos its a great song and Marie Dhalstrom sprinkles her fairy dust over this to deliver a stripped down vibesy floaty cover enlisting guest vocals of Ruby Wood and TinyMan. Of course both Marie and Ruby as always deliver gorgeous vocals but I love the curveball of the TinyMan rap thrown in there. It fits so well and helps the track standout even more. Marie just steals the limelight with her verse though (its mad close). I love collabs I don’t think we see it enough so massive thumbs up for me!