Bluey Robinson dropped something fresh for the Thanksgiving weekend. Nice vibes on this one as the production has a light RnB Soul feel to it (some real nice guitar and synth lines in there). I am Novel coming in with a quick 16 bar rap enhances the overall RnB feel of the tune. As always its all about Bluey’s vocals so strong gorgeous harmonies and nothing but pure quality from him. Still a travesty that this guy isn’t a household name yet. All in time I hope…

I think this young lady is a real class act that you are going to hear more and more from over the coming years. She dropped this piano and vocals number over the weekend and she sounds quite brilliant. “Best for me” from Sophia Gripari is a beautiful song from a supreme talent!

I have been all over the new Jay Prince EP this week and especially this track which is the embodiment of everything I love in Hip Hop. Great flow and content, strong vocal hook, a beat that gets your head bopping, and soulful production. The horns, live guitar and chord arrangement are just perfection and Jay Prince sounds superb from start to finish. The rest of the EP follows similar suit. Given that the primary focus on MCs in this country revolves around grime it so good to know that MCs like Jay Prince exists flying the flag for the Brits with quality product.

Head over to his sound cloud to check out the EP in full.

Roxanne Tataei formerly known as Rox continues her return and build up to her new EP which is out now with an awesome vocal performance on this live version of the track “Sweet Poison”. The grand piano sounds divine and I like that it is the pianist who is also triggering sounds that ensures that this is not just a soulful piano ballad, keeping in line with her new sound. Its shot and directed really well, showing Roxanne in the studio and car, capturing her naturally as well as behind the microphone. Her vocal quality as always is second to none and the real standout of the video. One of the UK’s best great to have her back making new music.

First came across this lady over the summer. She has a stunningly powerful vocal about her and a raw brilliance that suggests she is destined for much more success. When the BVs do come through there are some nice harmonies too. This is a strong performance and someone I have no doubt we will be seeing and hearing more of in the future.

Shouts to I Luv Live for the footage.

More of a grime MC which you can hear in his tone to be fair Isaiah Dreads jumps on this mellow cut and i am loving it. Your head is bopping from the drop. It’s short and to the point which is another massive reason why it works so well. Dopeness!

Strong new piece of poetry from Raphael Blake. He’s never been afraid of changing up the production he puts his poetry over and this is no different and actually right up my street. The vibes throughout are dope, very soulful with a minimal yet very prominent beat running throughout. Strong lyrical content contained at the core of it all with a gorgeous vocal from Georgia Copeland. Very nice!

This came into my inbox a month or so ago but now the full EP is out seems a good enough time to post it up. Piers James as his bio depicts is very much raw, honest and blunt with his lyrical delivery and output through out the “Green Screens In-Visible View” EP. I don’t think you can put it into any kinda of bracket other than Hip Hop. “80′s Baby” is my fav cut and a good starter into the rest of the EP. If you are feeling it give the EP a try on his sound cloud.

Maybe it’s because the original holds a special place in my heart or maybe I just love the jokes she runs on this making the classic her own. As always Cherri V brings it with her vocal and harmonies that are pure quality and a joy to the ear. Just enjoy the goodness.

A lovely combination of piano, words and vocal. Benjamin Bennett enlists Liz Lubega to bring her gorgeous vocals to this track where he delivers this message of life in the dark and coming to the light. Strong message expertly delivered.