Today sees the release of the new EP from AlfaMist Nocutrne. Here is another cut featured on the EP called “Dreams”. Carmody steps in on vocal duties with a hypnotic tone taking on Alfa’s chords and production style with a verve different to that of Emmavie but equally dope. The keys dominate as always which I love. A reflective slice of goodness.

When do Get Lifted let me down aye? What a simply superb voice and performance from Chloe Blackwell. So naturally full of classic soulful goodness that ooozzess out of every note she drops. The guitar accompaniment is just lovely too compliment her voice wonderfully but really and truly it is all about that vocal. ENJOY.

As long as I have been in the game under his different guises this guy has consistently delivered quality feel good music and his latest single is no different. Jodie Abacus latest offering “Good Feeling” was premiered by Mista Jam this week and rightfully so. The keys driven number is full of positivity and even though it doesn’t have a clear groove you can’t help but vibe to it and have a little party in your seat. Production is full of little genius touches and I love the guitar line that comes in (it is far to short though). This is a just awesome tune simple get your hands on it now here.

Always have time for this lady when she decides to drop a track. A simply divine vocalist, Yasmin Green despite not necessarily leaving 2nd gear (she sounds like she is cruising through the tune) is sublime and powerful in her vocal delivery. A lovely song with a simple arrangement and production which is just perfect. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

Not sure who’s bright idea this was but they deserve a rise this is exactly the kind of combination that we need to see more of. So much goodness to love in this. Tom Misch jumps on the latest Lianne La Havas album track giving it a wonderful makeover in his own likeness and it is so good. A head bopping jam with some gorgeous guitar licks all the way through. Epic love it!!!

More quality from the OntSofa team. Mags who I know next to nothing about other than she has unique and wonderful voice delivers her original piece Roots. I love the arrangement here the violin give a fresh angle to the performance and the keys dominating the track make the song even more powerful. Will definitely keeping tabs on this artist.

Salute once again to the OntSofa team subscribe to their videos here.

UK RnB, so many have tried and so many have failed. This new music that is coming from Mark Asari however is ticking every box and potentially the highest quality RnB this country has produced. A big statement yes but when you have quality like this it is easy to back. The production is INCREDIBLE and Mark sounds as good as any RnB vocalist there has been over the last 10-15 years. The bridge is insane with some gorgeous vocal layers. I can’t find anything I don’t like about this get to know.

The Frshrz pay homage to the UK Soul legend that is Omar taking on one of his most recent hits “The Man” and turning it into quite the Hip Hop banger. There’s no way you can’t listen to this and not get your head bopping and as such it is a fine choice for the latest in the Frshrz refix series. Look out for the Frshrz Refix dropping every Friday here.

As we edge closer and closer to the release of the album more content keeps coming from Kwabs and just like everything else I’ve posted on the site it is soooooo good. The 4 part vocal harmonies backing up the guitar is heavenly and a fresh variance on the now standard acoustic video. Kwabs once again brings music with a message and sounds just ridiculously good.

Epic brilliance bring on the album!

Live footage from Hayley’s recent performance at Vocals & Verses. Backed by the full band the Music is Remedy favourite does what she does best sounding simply divine. The ad-libbing at the end is awesome and the band compliment her nicely never taking the spotlight away from her. Just superb as always.

Picture courtesy of Vocals & Verses get tickets for their next event this Sunday here.