Last week the wonderful Madame Pepper made an inshore appearance at United80 in Brixton Village to perform a couple of numbers including her classic track Pill. It was a soft mellow keys inspired performance showing off her subtle yet glorious voice. Beautiful as always!

Her latest album Drummond is available here.

My favourite release from the Out To Sea EP from Tom Misch and Carmody available now on the “Beyond My Groove” label. This tune just has me bopping my head but it doesn’t really kick in until the second chorus where a subtle yet so effective guitar rift comes in and almost ties everything together. Their voices combine so well during and after the breakdown with some nice counter lines and lovely harmonies.

Its a great EP from two quality artists get your hands on it here.

One of the UK’s finest Jake Isaac sat down for the Mahogany cameras to give a gorgeous performance of his track “Still”. The divine blend of the acoustic guitars and the soft quiet emotive authority found in Jake’s voice produces a video that is very special. Beautiful performance.

My gosh! The first taster from Little Simz forthcoming 4th EP Age 101:DROP 3|000. Once again flow is off the chain!!! The beat from Tiffany Gouche once again isn’t confined to any one genre box and it just works! You are left feeling that Little Simz is bringing sounds to the table that are just light years ahead of the rest of the game.

Find Little Simz previous Eps here.

Alfamist go to work on one of the best tracks from Barney Artist’s Bespoke EP ILUVU and the result as expected is a ridiculously dope slice of keys inspired and bass driven Hip Hop. Emmavie provides the hook whilst Barney Artist as i’ve expressed many times on this blog in 2014 drops quality rhymes. Keys solo at the end… whats not to love!

If you haven’t already download one of the Eps of the year Bespoke here.

Another great video/performance captured at James Massiah’s Spaeking event. This one features the brilliant Sean Mahoney dropping a short piece that’ll make you chuckle as he plays with words and rhymes.

If you love spoken word do connect with James Massiah to find out about his events pure quality on show always.

10 years of amazing music wonderful performances and one of the most warm and incredible atmospheres that you will ever experience at a live music event. One Taste is 10 and they celebrate with a very special night back at the Bedford. Its a Secret Line up but you don’t have to know the names of the artists to know it will be special. This will be a ROADBLOCK get your tickets NOW before they are gone!

The Bedford, 77 Bedford Hill, Balham, SW12 9HD London
£8 + booking fee. Book tickets here

More goodness from Royce Wood Junior. Another track from the Rover EP its a head bopping slice of RWJ’s own unique brand of Soul Funk. The production is full of different ideas that is helping create his own unique brand and sound. So dope the question is why haven’t you bought this EP yet! Get your’s here!

Not sure if its because this is one of my favourite Alicia Keys songs that this is my favourite In Luv’Rell’s Luv Room Series to date or that it is just simply a sublime performance. Considering there is a smooth transition into a track I detest (harsh but that John Legend tune just isn’t my cuppa tea) it has to be down to the quality of the performance. At the keys Luv’rell delivers, taking on Alicia’s classic and doing it every justice whilst also as mentioned crossing into John Legend’s largest hit to date and actually making it likeable (for me anyway). This really is a superb cover.

Has to be said i’m really looking forward to what Luv’Rell has in store for 2015! If you haven’t already head over to her soundcloud page where you can download all the Luv’s Room Episodes so far.

So this guy has been all over the blog this year and without question Tom Misch is one of my standout acts from 2014. However it has always been his productions i’ve been raving about, there hasn’t really been any footage of him performing. Well the good people at Mahogany changed that capturing this wonderful performance of Tom and Carmody’s track “Release You”. Joined by a Cahon player the two grab guitars and proceed to deliver a gorgeous rendition of the track with loads of beautiful moments which actually make me like it more than the recording! A superb slice of acoustic folk soul enjoy!