aaaahhhhhh more gorgeousness from Szjerdene. The second video from her recordings at The Red Bull Studios in Amsterdam this is another very special performance capturing the beautiful combination of voice, keys and soul.

Just sublime! Watch the first video here.

Mangaliso Asi returns with a powerful track and set of visuals that given the current climate is quite appropriate and i’m sure many can relate. The production on the track for me is pretty stunning. The horns and backing vocals heighten the emotions expressed on the track. Strong thoughts, Strong Lyrics strong track, a welcome return.

This is a bit of a mad one but nonetheless ILL. Ruinz Ason’s latest track sees him going back and forth with an Alien with an interesting outlook on human life. Its reminiscent of early Marshal Mathers and The Streets tracks making you smile but when you get into the lyrics its also quite thought provoking! The beat from J Flames is also pretty insane! Shades of early Timbo here without doubt.
All in all a ridiculously FRESH track, get into it!

Something a little different but still undoubtedly dope and fresh. Another cut from Royce Wood Junior’s recent “Rover” EP where he once again brings late night beats, vibes and sounds melded around his vocal that regardless of what effects it is covered are still full of soul! Awesomenes!

Cop the EP here.

Christian Gregory continues to make all the right noises as his career and reputation continues to blossom. His latest visual see’s him take on the epic classic “Untitled” no mean feat at all. Set to a picturesque sunset backdrop on rooftop Christian proceeds with his guitar to deliver a competent intimate cover of the great song. Admittedly he doesn’t quite make it his own but that does’t take away from the quality of what he has done. Brilliant.

Vula singing Jazz at the Hideaway South London as part of london Jazz week. Do i need to say anything more then sit back press play and enjoy the vocal masterclass this lady gives. Sublime!

YES YES and YES again! Last week Meleka dropped the second track from her forthcoming EP “The Funkin 90s”. The first track saw her cover the classic “Candy Rain” and she did a good job but for me she definitely moved up a gear for this cover of 702′s “You Don’t Know”. She completely OWNS this track taking the tune and completely making it her’s. The production from !ntalekt is decent but this is all about the vocal. Its a display of power quality and precision using every note to show just how good she is.

If there was any doubts after the first track that Meleka is a vocalist about to make her mark on the scene then those doubts have been put to bed after this track. Bring on that EP!

Earlier in the month Ayanna Witter Johnson packed out The Jazz Cafe for a headline show. The good people at We Play Music Live who were promoting event captured her anthem “Rise Up” which as well as featuring her superb band but also had HGC (House Gospel Choir) off stage as there wasn’t enough space for them all (they didn’t need mics to make their presence felt mind) and the awesome lyricist that is Akala. They helped to make this a pretty special and epic performance.

I have so much time for this lady she is doing incredible things with her music and performances and is inspiration to all. Keep on inspiring!

Round off your week with some fresh UK HipHop. Lyricists Skandouz & Artcha & Dray Delta came together earlier in the year to form Fresherz a group of rappers who have been around the game a while and are all about bringing that true and real Hip Hop sounds. They certainly deliver with this first video Lenton. Shots on the streets of the LDN there’s no hooks here its all about the lyrics and the flow which they all deliver in their own styles that come together nicely on the track. The legendary Nutty P has produced a classic string heavy hip hop beat which perfectly ties everything up.

If you love real Hip Hop you should be loving this keep you eyes open for more from Fresherz.

This is another one of those posts where my words can not do justice to the content you just need to watch and listen.

I’ve been a massive fan of Zia Ahmed since first working with him back in 2012. He has a unique, funny and wonderful way with words and flow as is displayed perfectly here in this piece that sums up life pretty well. Clear 15 minutes in your day to watch and take this all in!

Footage was captured of Zia performing at James Massiah’s monthly Spaeking event. The next one is December 7th more details here.