Yesterday George the Poet dropped the first track from his forthcoming EP the Chicken and The Egg. “If The Shoe Fits” is as expected is a powerful tale taken from everyday life that i’m sure many can relate and understand. Its a great concept and his performance on the recording is filled with emotion and passion as he plays the different characters in the piece very well. Nice vocal accompaniment from up and coming talent Mega.

Very much looking forward to part 2 and the imminent release of the full EP.

Couple of weeks back RKZ dropped the first single from his forthcoming “Science X Soul” mixtape “Still Oceans” and he follows up with simple classy video for the track featuring some awesome astro-photograpy from Nicholas Buer and of course the silhouette of a PYT (Pretty Young Thing). As said before this is a real nice tune perfect for the sunshine definitely looking forward to the rest of the mixtape!

Raleigh Ritchie drops a previously unreleased track for your consumption and as with everything from the man right now he does not disappoint. A strong guitar led number its a reasonably relaxed tune that just feel’s real nice. Perfect for cruising in the sunshine or turning up after a long day at work and putting your feet up. Niceness!

Quality work download here now.

More lovely acoustic soul gold from the supreme talent that is JP Cooper. Filmed out in the sunshine by the good peoples at Mahogany Sessions they capture this performance perfectly. The serene sun lit garden setting is suites the feel and mood of the song so well. Cooper as always is sounding awesome the future is looking extremely bright.

If you like this pick up his new EP is available here.

I’m not the only one quoting this lady as the future of UK Soul and here is further evidence. More footage from Ego Ella May’s live show in June and again the band are on it. Tight as hell and grooving wonderfully with the song and Ego they make the song’s transition from the studio to the stage appear seamless. Ego and the BVs also sounding just superb.

If you’re liking the sound of this make sure you get down to the Elgin in West London where Ego will be hitting the stage for FREE! More details on our gigs page here.

I can’t think of a better way to start your morning. Singer-Songwriter Samm Henshaw’s rapid rise as one of this country’s must see/hear talents continues with this cover of the One Direction hit “Best Song Ever”. He does a superb job making it his own and if the hook wasn’t there it really would be unrecognisable. By then he even manages to give the lyrics in the hook new meaning with it sounding like a romantic lovers dance as opposed to the kids in a crowd jumping up and down image you get listening to the 1D version. Superb work!

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh how good is this? Taking one of the MJ’s most underated songs Ella Marie flows effortless over the keys delivering a beautiful rendition of the classic. She sounds just wonderful not just sticking to the original vocal line she plays around with it in places and puts her spin on it. Makesure you listen all the way to the end some gorgeous runs in there. GWARN!

Another gem from the Tom Misch camp. Teaming up with hip hop act Barney Artist he takes production duties and adds the vocal hook for a slice of Soulful HipHop. Barney Artist flows nicely over the track adding to its head bopping factor. Brillant collab quality tune!

Stumbled onto this one an immense slice of raw guitar driven soul that gets better with every listen. Azekel has already received love from the BBC and Guardian and rightfully so this is superb. My words can’t really do it justice you’re just gonna have to listen.

If you like it (i know you do) download here

The brilliant Charlotte Brimner has spent the last couple of weeks giging around the US exposing the yanks to her wonderful songs and voice. Shes just dropped a video showing photos of her different experiences along with a song to tell tale.

There’s no doubt this lady is an immense talent and has the world at her feet!