One of my favourite UK vocalists dropped this little gorgeous cover of a Blur track. Rox keeps this very simple and that is all that is needed to be fair. Her voice stunning as always accompanied by her gentle strumming of the guitar creates a beautiful composition for the ears. I do hope we are able to hear new material from her sometime soon. One of the UKs finest.

So there we were Tuesday night in the LDN halfway in-between Kings Cross and Angel in a small unique cosy venue lovers of good poetry, music and performance were crammed into Suya to celebrate one of the leading brands in the UK live scene Poejazzi and the launch of their new app. Over the next 16 weeks those who download the app will be treated to a new piece of poetry from a different writer each week. You will get it in written form as well as filmed visual performance of the piece from the poet. By all accounts this is a MASSIVE DEAL and as always the poejazzi team assembled a lineup worthy of the occasion. Poetry from Adam Kammerling and Laurie Bolger (“looking like a primary school art teacher” LOVED THAT LINE) had the crowd in stitches and smiles nodding in approval. Will Adlard left us with some mellow blues come folk acoustic musings whilst Oscar Laurence and his band of cool calm bad ass young guns i think can safely say blew everyone away in the crowd with their ridiculous musicianship. Admittedly a little rough around the edges but there is nothing better then seeing the brilliance of young musicians playing music they love and honing their craft. I’m sure this will be a name you will see a lot more of over the next 10 years.

A special mention has to go out to Joshua Idehen who has successfully looked over the Poejazzi for many years now. One of the finest hosts around, he always provides his audiences with a fantastic night out and the fact that the crowd was like a who’s who of the Poetry world (GREEdS, Natalie Fiawoo, Alex Gwyther, Simon Mole, Cecilia Knapp, Zia Ahmed, Sean Mahoney, Raymond Antrobus i could go on but you get the idea…) is a testament to the service he and the brand has provided lovers of the art with. The launch of this App is now taking the art form to new places and hopefully the phone and computer screens of poetry lovers around the world.

The app will be available on Android and Apple devices next week get downloading!

3 members of the Chill Pill collective Raymond Antrobus, Adam Kammerling and Deanna Rodger were invited to take to the stage at the Ted X talk earlier this year. They used the poets to deliver poems on Preconception to the crowd. All three delivered 3 of their classic most loved poems to have the crowd entertained and educated. Brilliant as always! Spoken word continues to rise.

The next Chill Pill event is a pretty awesome one click here for more details.

I know very little about this guy but i do know that this is just light years better then the plethora of “prototype” covers i’ve heard over the years. I let the track speak for itself but this is less then 2 minutes of bliss that leave you wanting more.

This is one cover collection he has recorded go to his sound cloud to hear more here.

This is very pretty and a nice change from your standard run of the mill acoustic cover. Ella Marie who caught my ear after this special duet with Olivia Leisk this time brings Jak Daniel onboard to provide male vocals and acoustic guitar. Their two vocals intertwined are just gorgeous. A truly lovely combination. The violin though is the really nice touch helping it to stand out a little more. I think Ed would be pretty happy listening to this rendition!
Every time i hear Ella Marie she leaves me wanting more would love some original material from this lady i think it would be very special.

A new video of the fantastic wordsmith Sophia Thakur. This is just brilliant. The keys add even more to its brilliance and beauty. I’m not gonna say any more i will just urge you to listen clearly and enjoy.

On separate note massive hats off to the Be Discovered team. Their events and video content are profiling artists in a superb way. Its a quality platform they are providing and you really need to be keeping an eye on what these guys are doing.

After an amazing 2013 the Poejazzi crew are back with their first event of the year and its a special one as they celebrate the launch of the Poejazzi App. As always you’ll be treated to a mixture of eclectic sounds and goodness featuring electro acoustic folk soul and of course Poetry. Confirmed on the bill Music is Remedy favourite Adam Kammerling plus much much more. More details here

First single to drop from power vocalist Debbie Aramide’s new EP “Wonder” was released last week. “Rock Bottom” as always with Debbie shows off her stunning Vocal range and brilliance delivering a ballad that many can relate to over some quality visuals. I personally think there are few finer vocalists out there then this young lady. I look forward to the EP next month!

Over all the years we’ve been running events and listening to new artists few caught me as much Cherri Prince. Effortless style and class in her vocal every time she gets behind the microphone. Her mesh of Hip Hop Soul Jazz always helped her create her own niche and to help her stand out. As well as delivering on the stage and in the booth her visuals have always been on point too. She hasn’t had all the success that i feel she deserves which is why it was so good seeing her close the show on my television on Saturday night on the voice earning the final spot on Will.I.Am’s team.
He is the perfect judge for her and i’m sure he’ll be able to coax even more quality out of her and also give her some sound advice and guidance in moving forward in her career. Regardless of how far she goes in the competition i’m confident that’ll her talent will shine. All the best Cherri you deserve every success will be rooting for ya!

This is TOUGH! Ain’t no other way to put it. Flow and lyricism is mean. Live Drums and Bass make it even meaner and buadder! Can’t be put any realer then that. Little Simz went to Maida Vale and owned it in every way shape and form! 2 tracks here from her blank canvas mix tape and a premiere of Mandarin Oranges Part 2 which is my personal favourite (Watch how it just picks up at 1:47 SERIOUS). All in all a ridiculous set from someone you have GOT to be keeping your eye on in 2014.