One of my favourite vocalists from these shores Rox delivers another masterclass in vocal brilliance. Now based in Berlin here is an acoustic version of her new single Kryptonite Recorded at RedBull Studios in London the musical accompaniment is pretty sparse with some soft keys synths and electro beats allowing to focus fully on her voice. Awesomeness!!! You can download this version for free. The full version is available here.

Very much hoping an album will follow sometime in the new year.

The insane talent that is Ego Ella May returns with a new track and she’s giving to you for free too! Insane production Mini D with Ego infectious and unmistakable vocals over top of it sees Ego continuing to create her own blend of electronic soul that can’t be categorised or boxed, only enjoyed. Loving the visuals too!

New EP from Ego comes in the new year in the meantime you can download this free here.

I had a throughly enjoyable Sunday afternoon as well as witnessing some wonderful results in the football, i had the pleasure of watching the Hunger Games films back to back. I think they are a quite amazing portrayal of the life we live and how to a certain degree we are experiencing it at this very moment. Musa Okwonga took some time to put a short eloquent piece together on the “Hunger Games” and his take on it. It speaks for itself really and the current experience for young people today, and i couldn’t agree more.

Throughly recommend you go and check out the two Hunger Game films if you haven’t already (believe the hype) and read more of Musa’s thoughts on a vast range of worldly goings on (including football) here.

I’ve always been an advocate for the combination of Spoken Word and music. Some say it distracts the listeners attention from the poets words or that by putting a track behind the verses it becomes some unknow random half brother of Rap music where the MC spits differently (this is certainly not the case). For me combining the words of a poet with music allows the words to reach new ears and touch new people that it wouldn’t have if it were just spoken or written. An artform and genre within its own right. However if done correctly it can do more. The music can embrace the words and enable them to weave into one another seamlessly and allow both to leave a stronger impression on the listener. The new EP from Anthony Anaxagorou and Karim Kamar does just that.
Anthony has always been a powerful poet with his performances over the last couple of years leading to much acclaim and opportunities. Teaming up with the equally gifted Karim Kamar’s classical piano compositions works wonders. The two combine their arts in perfect harmony. Complementing each other throughout Karim’s Piano shines a new light on Anthony’s pieces helping them find a new beauty whilst Anthony is able to shine a light on Karim’s compositions that people will now begin to take more note of.
My favourite is “Give Hope”. Like any good song there is something people can relate to in there. I’ve heard Anthony perform this before but something about the piano that just helps each line resonate a little deeper within. The track just stands above the rest. This is not to put down everything else on the EP the level of quality throughout is second to none and there is at least one line and chord in each track that will touch you.
If you’re not convinced by my words get down to the launch at Bedroom Bar Shoreditch tonight and experience it live or just download the EP now. Its an experience that will not disappoint. Purchase the ep here.

New music one of our favourite Cynikal. He gives us more proof of his continued progression with this epic synth driven (although there are some lovely guitar licks throughout) number featuring Jamie Graham on vocals. This is the first track to be taken from his forthcoming EP Toby that drops on Dec 1. I’m not the only one that can’t wait.

Here is another track (and my favourite) from Marie Dahlstrom’s new EP Gloom which went live on Sunday. This is another perfect example of why you should be picking it up. Gorgeous mellow vibes, soft keys and on this track you don’t just get Marie lovely tones but you also get the quite brilliant Jamal Ross delivering a beautiful duet for the lovers out there. Vocal brilliance!!! If you love your soul music and appreciate great vocals you should go get this EP now here!

How about a bit of good ol fashioned soul for your Tuesday? Longtime Music is Remedy Favourite Christian Gregory returns with a new track co-written with the mercury nominated Michael Kiwanuka. It was recorded old fashioned style in one take completely live and it sounds superb!!! Great groove to the track driven by the guitars and Christian’s vocals sound superb too! Looking forward to hearing more of this!!!

The Hayley Cassidy movement continues to generate increased momentum with the single “Still Stay” continuing to elevate Hayley Cassidy to new heights. Having been invited by the Reload Sessions team down to Google HQ to perform a set for their Acoustic + Show Hayley went on to deliver a draw dropping acoustic rendition of “Still Stay”. I’ve heard Hayley perform this a few times now but there is something about this performance that is just that little bit extra special. I mean there is a new middle 8/outro from 3mins 20 that is just DIVINE but the overall performance feels like its had an extra teaspoon of stardust sprinkled over it to make it shine even brighter.
Enough waffle from me 2014 is gonna be huge for this lady make sure you are supporting! If you haven’t already check out the EP here.

Recently one of our favourite poets Deanna Rodger was invited to speak at the Ted X Southark. She used the platform talk about working with young people and a love of writing encouraging all with something to say to pick up a pen and get some paper. She leads into a piece on a poetry which i’m sure if you listen hard enough will reveal aspects of our culture that really need to change.
As always with Deanna she draws you in with her passion and performance that causes you to do nothing else but listen and take it in. Watch listen and spread her message.

This Saturday sees Camden’s Roundhouse launch their festival of spoken word, live performance and storytelling “The Last Word”. 2 Weeks of some of our favourite acts here at Music is Remedy like Polar Bear, Sean Mahoney, Zia Ahmed, Deanna Rodger and Inua Ellams to name but a few. To spread the word some of the artists took to the streets of London to film this promo. Cecilia Knapp and Becci Fearnley go over beats brought to you by Kenny Mukendi. If this is anything to go by its gonna be an amazing two weeks. Click the link here to see the range of events that taking place and get involved!!!