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Music is Remedy celebrates 7 years of promoting,developing and supporting hip hop soul and spoken word artists with a very special night at one of London’s finest venues The Bedford.
Over the years we have had the pleasure of watching artists like Jamie Woon, Katy B, Ghost Poet, Tawiah, Michael Kiwanuku, Inua Ellams, Shakka, Mikill Pane, Tanya Auclair, Ed Sheeran and many more. Quality live music and performances are all we have ever been about.
We have an incredible line up in store to commemorate our 7th birthday all of which will be rvealed shortly. Each act will be accompinaned by magnifcent Music is Remedy Houseband The Remedies to ensure you will get a performance of the highest quality that you will NEVER see or experience again. Don’t believe me??? This is what happened the last time The Remedies performed with an artist at The Bedford.

1/2 price early bird tickets are available for a limited time NOW HERE. Make the most of the discount and get your hands on them now! Its an event you will want to be at. Never been to a Remedy night, well there will be no better opportunity to get a taste of it!!!

For more info please hit us up on the links below
Twitter: @musicisremedy
Facebook: Music is Remedy
Mob: 07952 223132

Get your tickets now!

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Another week another post of nte fantsatic Hayley Cassidy. The guys from One Love CMZ got hold of Hayley for an acoustic performance in the Juno Bar basement and its a treat. A slice of classic soul as she covers Jill Scott’s “Long Walk”. As always with Hayley vocal quality is second to none,theres nothing not too love here enjoy!

If you haven’t already get your hands on the Stripped EP Here.

Also look out for Hayley teaming up with us for something special real soon.

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Sound:Check is a live music night held in the stunning St Johns Church in Hackney. A beautiful venue with some of the most stunning acoustics i’ve heard at any live show i attend. The core aim of the event is to raise money for Child Hope with all profits on the night going to the charity that helps children around the world. On the night each act that performs has a video shot during their SoundCheck (hence the name) and here is the first to drop from last month’s event. The Night VI are band you will be hearing a lot more about moving forward. Cool, slick, unique and ridiculous quality. Just watch the video it speaks for itself these guys are on the rise get to know about them!

For more info on Sound:Check and future events click here.

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Watched this a little earlier in the week and was blown away by the vocal performance given by Debbie Aramide here for her Link Up TV Session. This performance of her current single “Wonderboy” is something else. Range, power, tone and some wonderful runs one of the best performances i’ve seen in a while. Enjoy. Get your hands on the single on iTunes here

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One of our favourite poets Anthony Anaxagorou dropped a new piece this week. He teams up with pianist and collaborator Karim Kamar to bring us a soft and sad piece. As always with Anthony every word resonates within you and combining his words with the tones of the keys is a match made in heaven so to speak. Listen and take it all in.
Catch these two at the return of Outspoken next month deets here.

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So a couple off weeks after dropping new music for first time in years Midas Touch give us track 2 “Special Vibe” another free download and video combo. The video this time around follows less of the story using different visual effects to represent the power and rawness of these three MCs. It allows you to really just focus on the lyrics beats and the vibe of the track. Props to Black Male Beats on production a premo esque track (morn horns YES) that allows the guys to get their message across. AKS, Phoenix Da Fire and J Tha Exodus deliver once again. Download here.
So two tracks in this powerhouse trio of MCs are clearly bringing something to the table that no one else is bringing at the moment and you definitely need to be keep your eye.

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This ain’t really a monday morning energiser but its toooooo good not to post. The phenomena that is Bluey Robinsion takes on JT’s latest track and MY GOD what a cover it is. His vocal quality is second to none. Character, tone, range, adlibs just quality. The live instrumentation is simply gorgeous and provides a sublime backdrop for Bluey to do his thing. Fantastic. How this guy isn’t all over everyones radios, spotify accounts and TVs still makes no sense this guy has it all. Get to know about him and support and get him where he needs to be!

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This is a simply superb vocal performance. Taking Timberlake’s parts in Jay Z’s “Holy Grail” J Appiah is flawless making it feel like a full and complete song. Its stripped down so you can do nothing but focus on the absolute quality of his vocal. There’s not too much more i can say then just watch it.
Reload Sessions continue delivering quality vocalists on their platform salute to you guys too subscribe to their youtube channel here.

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New music from singer songwriter Jareth. Having first emerged on the live circuit in 2011 she has been spending much time honing her craft and style and writing with other singers, producers and songwriters. This viral is the first the visual ahead of her album which is due to release later this year. The tune is driven by the powerful beat with some real nice production touches all over the track. A very unique vocal filled with British Character. Intrigued to hear what the album will sound like but if this is anything to go by i’m sure i’m gonna like it. Get your free download here.

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To celebrate 10,000 Likes on his Facebook page producer Eric Lau has dropped a special mix of one of my favourite tracks from his “One of Many” album. On the day the sun returns to the capital it is aptly titled the Sun Edit of the gorgeous track “Guide You”. When i gushed about the album previously i spoke of my love for Rahel’s vocals and this mix only enhances her tone and sound. There is also some just lovely instrumentation as the vocals fade and the track plays on. Just gorgeous sounds for a summers day! If you haven’t already get your hands on the Album here you won’t be disappointed and congrats Mr Lau!