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What a lovely way to start the week. The fantabulous miss Ego Ella May decides to drop some newness with one of the freshest covers you are ever likely to hear. Keeping in line with the country’s current reunion with Garage Ego covers one of the classics of the era but out of line with current protocol there isn’t a massive garage feel to it. Here she completely makes this her own. Similar to the sounds found on her “Tree EP” that dropped earlier in the year, this is deep underground soul with a slight 2 step beat covered with Ego signature vocal sound LOVE IT!!!
Free to download get your hands on it and be sure to catch her supporting Omar at the Jazz Cafe next month.

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Fresh off the back of his successful feature on Incisive’s “Its Alright” YJ gives us a first taste of his forthcoming project “Deal or no Deal” which is due to drop next month. My kinda hip hop really, chord driven, simple beats and warm vocals all combining to caress YJ’s smooth real flow. If this intro is anything to go by “Deal or no Deal” has quality written all over it. Bring on July.

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New dopeness from Daley. Slick mellow R&B with a definite 90′s feel to it. Great to hear a British voice over production like this. With the recent success’ of the likes of Miguel and The Weekend its good to see that the powers that be are willing to put out good quality R&B music. You get your hands on the EP by subscribing at Daley’s website here where you can also watch the video enjoy.

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New video from Kevin Mark Trail’s “Hope Star” Album. Gorgeous deep sentimental track about his father which i am sure i’m one of many who can relate too. Simple keys alongside Kevin’s soft tones that combine wonderfully with the as always effortlessly brilliant Sharlene Hector. Get your hands on the album here.

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For a minute let’s forget about Kanye, and J Cole dropping new albums. Let’s even forget about the Jay Z new album bombshell that the UK woke up to on Monday Morning. Let’s look at something that is prehaps a little more relevant to us. Monday saw the release of the sophomore album from much acclaimed DJ and Producer Eric Lau. Its been a good 5 years since Eric released his first album “New Territories”. Since then he’s performed DJ sets around the world, made new fans & friends, produced for artists and possibly most importantly he has grown. This album shows just that his growth. His formula of Hip hop beats alongside soulful warm melodic chords and vocals is still intact, but its been enhanced, taking his music to another level.
Longtime collaborators Tawiah and Rahel are on board for the bulk of the vocal work but there’s also appearances from Oddisee and Fatima. For me though Rahel steals show. There is something heavenly about her tones that combines so beautifully with Mr Lau’s production.
The progression shown here is immense and I feel he has proven himself as a heavyweight producer and beatmaker in his genre that everyone should be taking note of both sides of the atlantic. A soundtrack to perfection… Prehaps you decide you can stream the album on Okay Player here or you can take my word for it and get downloading album here

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Last week Obenewa launched her new EP “B” @ Wired. This video will give you an idea of what she is bringing to the table. The performance is flawless and she is trying new things that will continue to set her apart from so many other female singer songwriters out there. I’ll let the visuals do the talking. Superb work can’t wait for this EP to drop!

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Is that how Basement Jaxx are going on though???? Sharlene Hector (Vula too) has been singing with them for time now but not only have they brought Kele Le Roc back into the fold they have also got Shakka in on the act tooo!!! The results if this visual to go by are crazy ridiculous. I have no idea what the track is called but Shakka takes lead with Kele and Sharlene accompanying him. The vocal combo is quality and its sounding like a great song too. Am sure a fully produced version is on the way which I have no doubt will see a successful return for the Basement Jaxx boys. As for Shakka the sky is clearly limit. Onwards and upwards!

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More new music from Cynikal and its pretty noice! Cynikal teams up with Kaleem Taylor to drop a track called “Beautiful”. Premiered by CJ Beatz on his 1Xtra show earlier in the week this song is perfect for the summer (Clearly not a British Summer) with its classic Hip Hop feel (the track features a Nas Sample) and the gorgeous Strings courtesy of Adaggio and Kaleem Taylors Vocal is the icing on the cake to quote the missus “lush”! The lyric video works a treat too.
Cynikal will be throwing it down at the Isle of Wight Festival this weekend and then catch him at our show for The Rivington Street Festival on Sunday June 23rd. More new music to come from Cynikal later this summer… can’t wait!!!

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New visuals from Rapper Producer Lifelines with his track “Smile”. Tune has a dope summer feel to it through its beat, production and Lifelines flow over the beat in general you can’t not bop your head to it. The video compliment the tune nicely too, isn’t it nice to see peeps on London’s streets smiling for a change!
The “One Faith” EP is free and available to download here check it out.

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What a 2013 for Shakka. Dropping the first single from his new EP “Sooner or Later”. Following that with a feature on the Lead single from Wretch 32 Sophomore Album. Then onto rocking major stages and TV shows with Wretch and Basement Jaxx!!! What better time to drop the 2nd single from his forthcoming EP “Tribe”. This is Spin as always with Shakks lots of energy, innovative production and singalong vocal lines. You can’t not love it. The Tribe Ep launch is July 5th at the Tabernacle a show that you really will not want to miss as this stars light continues to shine brighter and brighter!