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In all my years of events i can’t say i’ve ever been prouder and more excited about a Music is Remedy lineup then i am of this one. 5 hours of everything that we have strived to push and promote over the years. Quality Hip Hop Soul and Spoken Word all Live, all UK all quite honestly brilliant. This year we won’t be out on the street we’ll be in our own space with full stage and bar rocking from 1.30 through till 7 in the evening. Tawiah is our headline act but there will also be performances from Kevin Mark Trail, Sabrina Mahfouz, Deanna Rodger, Kaana Ellie and many more. Amber Phresh Mentality and GREEdS will be on hosting duties for the day! Tickets are available in advance here and on the door for just £15. Its gonna be real special make sure you join us. REACH

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Its been a little while since Obenewa dropped some fresh material. Back from time on the road with Plan B she has been dropping hints over the last month that a new EP is on the way and here is the first taster. As always with Bee lovely vocals with subtle acoustic accompaniment and a love that she has a little joke halfway through too. Signs are looking good for the new EP anxiously awaiting!!!

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Was lucky enough to be in the crowd for the One Taste Reunion a couple weeks back. A simply stunning night filled with magical performances and wonderful family vibes. Closing the night was the brilliant Tawiah. A superb stripped down set that showed the quality of the song and as always her amazing vocals. Her mixtape can not come soon enough. She’ll be headlining our Streetfest Unsigned stage next Sunday with the full band makesure you join us for more of this.

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Incisive dropped the video for the Third single from his “Where Is He” Mixtape Everything’s Alright” featuring YJ. This is my personal favourite from the mix tape lyrically inspiring and the production is so on it (you know me anything with horns and i’m on it) you can’t not bop your head and sing along to the hook. Video as always with Incisive is shot well and has the quality. He sets his standards high consistently i hope more acts follow his example. Enjoy and download the mixtape if you haven’t already.

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Last week Eric Lau dropped the first single from his new Album “One of Many”. Tune is every kinda dopeness that exists in this world. The groove is insane and as they have proved on many an occasion over the years Rahel and an Eric Lau Beat are a match made in heaven. to quote the missus this is Lush! Enjoy!!!

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Today Ty dropped his new EP “Kick, Snare and An Idea”. Three tracks of lyrical genius and brilliant production. I don’t think there is a standout track on there all 3 are of a very high standards which after all his years in the game is very much to be expected. This is just part 1 can’t wait to hear part 2 get your hands on this now here.