This was one of the highlights of G.R.E.E.d.S EP launch a couple of weeks back. Taking Wretch’s hit and making it into his own. Delivering a powerful message his words are sad but so true. Junior with some gorgeous vocals and The Remedies onpoint as always heighten the emotional feel to this performance. Simply brilliant piece, spoken word continues to RISE! If you haven’t already get your hands on The G.R.E.E.d.S & The Remedies EP here money well spent!

Tough new tune from Dionne Reid! Assisted by Del on guitar and Zac and Alicia on BVs this tune is BIG! Wicked vibe to it and catchy as hell. I’m gonna be singing that “LA-ah-ah-ah-ahhhhvvvvee” all day. Love it can’t wait to hear a full recording of this tune enjoy!

Over the weekend SBTV dropped the visuals to Dean’s powerful piece “I am nobody’s Ni£*$r”. The visuals carry the same intensity as the words themselves and its nice to see familiar faces like G.R.E.E.d.S and Deanna Rodger to name a few. The acclaim and attention it has received has been massive, deserved and needed. Silence is not Golden indeed! Well done Dean. You can purchase the piece here with all procedes going to the Stephen Lawrence foundation a more then worthy cause.

Josh Osho brings us the second cover in his Take Two series and it is another classic and another wonderful performance. As always his vocals sound brilliant especially over this Fugees classic. Set on a rooftop over looking London Town it looks like this guy is destined for a great 2012.

Gorgeous recording of one of our favourites Louise Golbey sounding superb. Recorded in Coconut studios they’ve captured a really great sound in the room and it looks fantastic on camera. Lovely to hear a double bass (with a bow too now that’s GANGSTA) in there too. Something about black and white visuals that immediately suggests that something has quality or is gonna be a classic. That’s not always the case but this doesn’t disappoint at all.
Pick up her new acoustic EP ‘Keep My Feelings Hush’ out now on iTunes here

Nice cover from the lovely peeps from The Stow. Visuals are quality and the delivery is onpoint with Hayden giving his own take on the track and what it means to him. Looking forward to hearing some new material from these guys in the new year.

This is ILLLLLLLLLLLLLL soul funk straight out of the 80s words will not do it justice just listen, enjoy and look forward to getting your hands on the full tracks when it drops in the Spring. I’m gonna play it again!

With the imminent release of her debut album on the horizon the latest winner of the  BRITS’ critic’s choice award Emeli Sande spends some time with the cameras and heads back to Scotland and her first school. She talks about how she got started, her songs, early years and what to except on the album. Listening to her play and sing at the Piano she is very very good and someone who has honed their skills to a high level and is not just some girl that thinks they can sing. She says she wanted to make an album where every track is quality and can appeal to everyone across the world… well i’m certainly looking forward to it! Album drops Feb 13th and she is on tour in April.

A really touching piece from The Kings Will’s album launch that was one of the highlights of a brilliant night and show where Musa and the team on stage took Spoken Word performance to another level. Still amazes me how some artists can get up on stage and really share their deepest thoughts and rawest emotions to the world. A magnificent piece of poetry and an inspiring performance. The album is available here check it out.

Saturday night I had the pleasure of getting down to Brixton Academy to watch Ed Sheeran’s sold out show. It was amazing listening and watching the crowd follow his every command and gesture.
Here was a guy I first saw perform in a small venue in Farringdon now holding down a stage I’d seen the likes of D’angelo, Maxwell and Badu all superstars and I’ve no doubt in the coming years his worldwide appeal will match theirs and potentially surpass. Speaking to him after the show it was a pleasure to see it hadn’t all gone to his head. He was still the same genuine fun loving and humble ginger kid I had met a couple of years ago.
His latest video that he dropped after the show “Drunk” gives you a slight insight into his current world in the limelight rocking stages and crowds that he was always meant to and what his live show is like now on the bigger stage. Funniest moment is a shot of Ed in hoodie followed by lyricists XO and Mikill Pane on either side looking like his henchman jokes.
If you haven’t seen him yet buy that ticket its money very well spent and get your hands on the + album now.