This tune and video is everything that is right about the UK unsigned scene and what more people should be doing. This video is quality. Its that simple doesn’t look budget or cheesy or dry it looks fresh and on point… quality. So few artists recognise that sometimes you need to invest in that quality to push forward. The track itself is DOPE. Incisive and Shakka have always been a good combo and this latest collab is no exception. Salute to you Incisive job very well done! More of this please.

Love me a bit of good old fashioned R&B and as always Cherri V delivers. Greedy Eyes has some nice production values but it’s Cherri’s voice that makes the track. She sounds just as good as anyone of the many US stars that top our UK charts. This is the visual promo to go along with her free to download Shades of Red EP which features a lot more of this and its free!!! Good quality R&B can’t go wrong hopefully we’ll be seeing Cherri on bigger stages real soon her voice needs to be there.

This is just lovely. What Kersha Bailey is all about soft warm tones and delightful guitar accompaniment enjoy.

Matti has always been a bad ass musician and this performance shows this to the fullest. Tune SICK!!! Band is RIDICULOUSLY TIGHT and the funk they are dropping is next level…. Prince-esqe if you would. If you like what you hear his album is availble on Itunes now get it in your life!!!