The Illersapians are quite simply that ILL! Next to The Remedies they are my favourite band, tight as hell on point and brilliant bunch of gifted musicians. This Video features them at their monthly night Soul Jam down at The Ritzy. Featuring performances from the boys and special guests this night as you can see is pooping wityh some quality live music. This vid features Shea Soul sounding dope alongside The Illersapians. Its being slept on a little by all those oustide of South London but you peoples need to get down to Brickie and check out the vibes.

Props to Gorilla Tech on the visuals!

Big bwoy performance from his set at Writer’s Block alongside The Remedies. Showing all of us guys how a spoken word artist steps to a lady!!! Wicked performance.

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Kelli Leigh has been around for a little while now working the circuit and is now starting to build up a little momentum and it’s easy to see why. She sounds awesome!!! The tune is real nice but her voice is insanley DOPE too! Look out for this Lady coming through.

Big up Station Sessions for some quality visuals and wicked concept for performers and commuters alike!

I like this lady. First saw her grabbing the mic at Remedy Live grabbing the Mic during Ed Sheeran’s MC session as the only female MC working the stage and the crowd. Then i got to see her do her thing first hand at A Writer’s Block event and was taken back by her passion and energy whilst performing her pieces. She entertains and engages her audience with her thought provoking and amusing pieces. This video gives you a little taste of that but you really need to see it in the flesh to see what this lady is all about.

Catch Nappy Nubian Poet @ Style & Substance Oct 5th full details on our GIGS page

Kaana Ellie more commonly know for her up beat tear the roof off da the building performance and FUNK toned it down a little bit at Writers Block and played a lovely balad for the peoples @ Writers Block earlier in the month. As always with Kaana this was no ordinary performance with one luck punter getting a special one on one performance! LOL. Enjoy!

Souts again to Writer’s Block and Pinboard Film!

Catch Kaana live @ Soul-D Fri Oct 1st and Aesthetic Sounds Thu Oct 7th

Nadine Charles drops the video for the first single from her forthcoming EP and it’s pretty dope! The video is like a who’s who’s of the circuit with Kadija Kamara, Incisivie, G.R.E.E.D.S, Obenewa and more in the crowd plus the obvious cameos from Kele Le Roc and Jason Jermaine. Fun video thats real quality. And the track itself is wicked! Catchy, good production, nice groove and Nadine’s gorgeous vocals over it. Feel good RnB Soul music love it! Bring on the EP!

Catch Nadine live @ Wired Mon Oct 4th check our gigs page for more info.

Manorlogz i knocking out videos left right and centre at the moment on the spoken word artists. This one focuses on Deanna Rodger one of my favourite poets about. Always has amazing passion when delivering her words and verses, has a presence that commands your attention. Before her piece Deanna talks a little bit about her and why she does what she does. Listen and Enjoy!

Catch Deanna @ Chill Pill every Tuesday Night Bethenal Green

More footage from the last Writers Block event this time its a gorgeous performance from the lovely Szjerdene. Beautiful Soul music wicked groove and she just sounds great ENJOY!!! Shan is again as always so on point with the camera work big look sir!!!

Shouts to Writers Block and PinboardFilm!

Couple months back the J-Treole boys were down in Shoreditch to play some tracks of their new album “Run Walk Crawl”. While they were there the camera caught up with them to get to know the boys a little better, look listen enjoy!

props to Playtime and Muzaholic for putting this together!

This is the first of 6 videos that Writers Block will be putting out from their show at The Macbeth earlier this month. GREEDS tore the house down and showed just why he is taking poetry and spoken word to new heights and levels! A mic lead coming out couldn’t even stop him!!! Remedies onpoint as always (if i do say so myself).

Big up Pinboard Film and WritersBlock for the footage more to come!