BBC and Remedy Live Host Aissetou recently got hold of Ed Sheeran in a studio for a quick chat and exclusive performance of a brand new track!

This guy… His mentality, focus and ability is simply amazing! I love that even when faced with working with someone he’s not sure of he would do to help make them better and of course learn for himself. New track is quality but really so is everything about him. Brilliant young man with the world at his feet! Expect massive things.
Big up to Aiss for pulling this together it looks and sounds great! And so refreshing to see an emerging artist given a platform like this. They need it too get their message across and out to the world. Aiss is without a doubt a young lady you all will be seeing a lot more on your tv screen.

The peeps at We Plug GOOD Music bring you their summer edition of One Mic down in Camden and as always they have assembled another line up of sheer quality. Featured on the night music from Dionne Reid, Chantelle Nandi, Ki Project and spoken word from Ola The Poet, Carol Ohemaa and Jodi Anne Bickley. Those are just some of the highlights on what is a pretty impressive line up. It’s gonna be a great night make sure you’re there!

Couple weeks ago Bluey Robinson had his first festival gig at Wireless Hyde Park. He was given two slots over 3 day festival and he proceeded to, alongside his band, work the crowd into a frenzy with a superb performance and his awesome vocals. Here’s some footage of his experiences over the weekend.

Guy’s a superstar in waiting. His songs sounded great and he looked like he was born to work those stages. Band were on the money too, backing him perfectly. So many big things to come from this guy. Can’t wait for some recordings!


Tanya Auclair has been around for a little while now. Previously part of the trio Elova (dopeness) she gigged the london circuit with there wicked acoustic soul, folk, afrobeat, reggae mesh of a sound that was dope. Now Tanya as a solo artist drops her debut ep on a free download and thankfully the dopeness is still in place just with a different flavour.
Its an experimental piece of work that is built around what she describes as “primal rhythms and vocals harmonies” that she then develops into the finished tracks you can hear below.
Its real fresh, not your norm but it works in so many ways and is a real grower. Give it a try you may just fall in love it and besides it’s free!!!

Tinashe recently supported Macy Gray on her UK london dates and brought his camera along with to capture some of the backstage jokes and drama…

Love this dude. Genuine good guy and bad ass musician. Album coming next month!!!!

Jason Jermaine has been producing and writing quality songs for a hot minute now and he’s got another piece of quality on his hands with his new track.

I don’t know what it is about this guy but he knows how to write tunes man. Great song, nice chords, lyrics do what they need to do, catchy as hell and his vocals sound dope. If you haven’t already get to know about this guy you won’t regret having his music in your life! Catch him Live June 28th alongside The Neutronics!

This lady has been keeping quiet whilst putting the finishing touches to her EP (very much looking forward to it). She’s put together a little vlog to show her fans what she’s been up to.

Can’t tell you how much i’m looking forward to this EP! gonna be BIG!!! Catch Obenewa live with full band @ Aesthetic Sounds Thursday Aug 5th along with Kadija Kamara get down there!


The spoken word scene is alive right about with events happening every week and new poets and wordsmiths emerging at each event. Now one of the best in the game Natalie Fiawoo has put together her own event with the aim of providing a safe home for poets to be themselves without having to come secondhand to other performers! The line up is IMMENSE. Greeds, Dean Atta, Deanna Rodgers, Vanessa Walters, Inua Ellams, Obenewa and Dubbl’yoo T hosting… Woii!!! When I say Miss Fiawoo ain’t playing… She ain’t playing!!! Plenty of quality on the line up and its all taking place at the at the BBC bar at the top of Regent’s street click this link for more details. All proceeds go to Body & Soul a charity helping young people and families affected by HIV so as well as being entertained by some of the best in the game your money goes to a good cause. Can’t go wrong really… REACH!!!

Not really our sound but Katy is an artist that we’ve supported for sometime and you can’t deny quality here’s her debut video via the peeps at Rinse Fm

Like I said can’t deny quality. Wicked vocals and she’s looking and sounding great with a thoroughly London sound! Big things coming from this lady!

This dude is on a new path right about get ready people this is only the beginning…

Want to hear more? Adlib this sunday Comedy Cafe!!!