Nine Dots are the HipHop duo consisting of Mic Master Cage Lu and Beat Maker Kensaye. Originally forming at University they’ve been in and around the London scene for a hot minute now recording and gigging working alongside the likes of Artcha, Cherri Prince, Mangaliso and Sharika Medla. Now the Boys are stepping they’re game up to the next level with the launch of their free downlad EP I Seek Music . Whole heap of heavy Hip Hop beats and Rhymes and i feel there’s still plenty more to come from this duo! If you like what you hear get down to the Lockside Lounge Camden on the 9th for the launch party! Download and enjoy

The good peoples @ Put Me On It headed out to Texas for SXSW and caught hold of the UK’s Maverick Sabre for an interview and performance pre soundcheck in a little back alley….

I’ve been hearing the name a lot but still don’t know much about the guy but he comes across real well in his interview and seems like a nice humble guy who just wants to play and get his music out there. And he can play nice and he’s got one wicked vocal. Looking forward to hearing more from this guy for the summer! Props to The PMOI team for a great feature!

The buzz around the ginger haired boy wonder continues to grow! Having finished rocking crowds on the otherside of the Atlantic Ed now presents us with the official video for The A-Team.

Lovely video and a great representation of the song and the man himself. He keeps bringing the quality the guy is gonna be HUGE get to know peoples! Want to hear Ed with a full band ??? June 17th get ready peoples…

Another week another A64 from SBTV ! Cherri V takes to the mic this time and as always delivers another flawless performance.

Quality quality quality! Man the bridge is killer! That run “Oh I Love Ya, I Don’t Want Nobody But Ya, I Don’t Wanna Be Ya Silent Lover…” big!!!! And she manages to build the song up at the end without going all out just raising the intensity in the vocal and delivering some gorgeous adlibs! Quality vocalist show em how its done Miss V! Shout outs once again to SBTV for another dope video! Catch her hosting the Next Show @ The Pigalle on the 29th May!

So SBTV is giving 64 bars to singers and one of the best in the game has been given his chance to shine. This is Enrico Delves A64!

Yeah boy-eeee! I feel like Chris Tucker at the end of Friday after Ice Cube has knocked Zeus the F%$K out and his chanting “that’s my dwag, that’s my dawg!” What a performance he murked it in a fashion! Those vocals are awesome the harmonies off the chain and the songs are sounding better then they ever have. Peoples if you think you’re a vocalist these are the standards you have to reach serious!!! Props to Chantelle Nandi and Theo Llewen for backing him up. Look out for the live EP coming Apr 30th.

So one of our favourites on the site Obenewa was down at Shoreditch house for Wired and well she as always delivered an awesome set!

Yes we think this lady is quite gifted but that ain’t the only reason we’ll always post something on this lady… she brings the quality to the stage everytime she hits it and this is just another example of this lady’s mad skillz I can’t wait to hear her with a full band really can’t wait to hear an album!

One Taste are a collective we supported since it started many a moon ago, in fact they are part of the reason Remedy came into existence and enjoyed success. They are awesome team of people who promote amazing artists and love what they do! They prepare for they’re biggest night yet as they are given the keys to Koko for the night for a one off special! The line up is insane I remember the first time I saw Portico Quartet @ One Taste I was supposed to be heading out and had to end up staying for the whole set I was blown away! Now they’re Mercury nominated much talked about recording artists! Also on the bill Polar Bear, Kate Tempest, David J, Oi Va Voi and the genius that is Jamie Woon… This line up is Sidickulous get your ticket now!!!

Szjerdene is an artist continuing to make waves for herself. She put together a little video reel of a recent photoshoot.

Szjerdene 2010 – Photoshoot with Justino Esteves/ Ricky Briggs/ Alicia Samuels/ Jasmine Di Milo from Szjerdene Music Videos on Vimeo.

This girl is ahead of the game! Look at those outfits this isn’t anything standard they’re unique. the way she’s shot it and put it together the music she’s used, its got class and style and helps her standout even more! Watch out for this lady peoples!

Ok so we’ve featured this lady on numerous occasions simply cos she is that dope and this next clip continues to show why she is THAT good.

As always her vocal is onpoint and she takes a track with a massive production behind it (big up Jason Jermaine) and makes it work with just her vocal and guitar… That shows class and quality people. If you like and what you hear and see catch her hosting and performing at the Next Gig down at the Pigalle Piccadilly.

At the start of the month Joleon Davenue and the A & O family went down to YoYo’s performing some of the his tunes and basically having a bit of a party on stage. Film crew was in the house and caught some footage

I do feel this tune and jo’s unmistakable flow works with the band. As always Mr Delves is on top form and Chantele Nandi’s cameo at the end almost steals the show! This crew got a lot of power keep your eyes and ears peeled!