First crossed paths with this guy way back in 2007 when he was after a set at our Remedy Night. 3 Mixtapes, numerous shows across Europe and an album later this guy is still one of the most slept on artists in the UK. Time to wake up people


Joleon Davenue aka JOD aka The Soul Lucian aka The 10th 14th 4th letter aka The Jaffa Cake King (yes he love his Jaffa Cakes) has been making his own brand of Soul Jazz inspired HipHop for sometime now. Mood Muzac as he calls it is an amalgamation of all these genres and his own desires, dreams and destiny. Have a lil listen…

Joleon Davenue Mood Muzac by  musicisremedy

What say you? For me his flow is onpoint, lyrics work (note the Remedy reference in verse 2), the hook is strong and the production is DOPE! Your head bops and the groove is tight!!! Convinced… yay…. nay…? ok check his video for his track “Home Sweet Home”

Come now you can’t tell me that ain’t dope! regardless of your take on the visual this is a TUNE!!! Its got an ill 90′s HipHop feel, the female vocal is INSANE!!! and Jo blesses the beat perfectly with his tone and flow… as i said TUNE and if in the right hands HIT standard.
Both tracks are taken from his album Mellow Defiance which has been out for a hot minute now and both wouldn’t sound out of place on any Jazzy Jeff or DJ Spinna compilation. I strongly recommend you follow the links below and purchase a copy if you like your HipHop soulful and real!

If you want to see him live catch him at Yo Yos Notting Hill Arts Club this Thursday April 1st JOD DAY with a full band playing tracks from his album and new material for 2010. Joining him on stage will also be the awesome vocal talents of Enrico Delves and Chantelle Nandi on backing… BIG LOOK!


Get to know peoples follow the links….

The date is drawing ever nearer… Rehearsals are under way, the flyers are in the streets, the tickets are selling and the excitement is growing!!! The Writers Block 2ND Birthday party is just a few weeks away where Jesse Boykins III will be making his debut uk performance backed by The Remedies!!!


Also performing on the night will be a group who describe their sound as poetry,folk, punk (yeah i said it) Poeticat are built around the witty rhymes and lyrics of Catherine Martindale joined by a Cahon, guitar and vocalist. To give you an idea of the flava checkout the video below….

I like… she kinda funny and of course like all poets speaks the truth about what she hears and sees and the daily goings on over in West London. She’s got a serious flow and meaning to her words and quite honestly i can’t wait to see em live on the night!!!

Joining her on the night will be Deanna Rodger, Kersha Bailey, The Illersapians, PIP and so much more get your ticket now for what will be an awesome event!!!

Killer vocalist Shean Williams is generating some shockwaves around London Town. In the last month he has won a host of new fans with performances at I Luv Live and his Album Launch at Therapy Sessions last week! Here is some footage from his gig at Adlib earlier this month… definitely worth checking the whole 9 mins!!!

Bwoy his vocal is serious!!! I performed a gig with him last year in Cambridge and no way was his vocal this tight or impressive. He works really well with the houseband and he even gets the crowd involved. The EP Mixed not Mastered is available now and well worth checking out!!!

shean williams mixed not mastered

This weekend Paul Aarron and the team will be getting everyone into the easter spirit of things with this month UK Soul Jam featuring 2 Gospel choirs and the act that is raising eyebrows and excitement levels Lenny Henry!


Also on the lineup will be a quality vocalist who was given the seal of approval by quality artists Baby Sol and Maddame Pepper. Maria Benltley has a classy vocal touching on neo soul and classic jazz influences. She’s got plenty of character in her voice and a real old school flava about it. The tracks are nice though it does still sound like she’s trying to find her own sound that works for her. This however ain’t too bad at all! Check the link below to hear what’s she’s all about here’s my personal fave Fallouthematics

Maria Bentley Fallouthematics by  musicisremedy

Yeah this one got me bopping my head I like it. To hear more recordings and see her in the flesh head down to UK Soul Jam this sunday for a great show and for us to see if we have a star in the making


The Writers Block 2nd Birthday Party is getting closer and closer. Performing on the night will be an artist who’s been gigging around the circuit for a little while now. Kersha Bailey is a great songwriter, a vocalist with a sound reminiscent of an era long gone, and a self taught guitarist!! She was awesome at our Remedy night at Camden and the clip below is taken from her performance at Writers Block last year… check it….

Ooooohhhh so much quality in that voice and watch how she just has the crowd in the palm of her hands. They’re all bopping heads, tapping feet and caught up in the trance her voice leaves you in! At Writers Block she will be backed by the Remedies so expect a set even more special then usual! Get your tickets now this show is not to be missed!!!!

Buy your tickets NOW click on the LINK!!!!

If you didn’t know this is a massive week for the UK music industry and one of the reason’s is that one of the UK’s finest launch his first single Emotions from his highly anticipated 4th album that drops next month!!! Ty is the mic master we are chatting about and to help aid the promotional onslaught for Emotions he has dropped a new mixtape for y’all.


If you don’t know anything about TY and need a reason to invest in the first single or the album this is perfect for you. You can hear the range of styles that the man drops his flow over and the lyrical genius and jokes that he delivers every time he takes the mic. For those that do know about the man that this is the perfect chance to reminisce over some of his classic tunes (as i write this i’m bubbling to “Wait A minute” man forgot how ILL this tune is!!!) and some you may not even know!

Either way make sure you download Emotions NOW and look out for the album coming real soon. Download and enjoy!

Was bowling down Bromley High Street this week. It was a sunny afternoon with blue skies a cool breeze and plenty of people with smiling faces. As i strolled along a song came blaring out of the speakers of a radio on a fruit and Veg stall. The song seemed to sum up the mood in the air… spring is here and everyone is feeling good. I felt even better when i realised it was our own very own Rox’s debut single My Baby Left Me!

She is proving to be a great ambassador for the UK Soul scene and her success is only good for the scene in general as it shows that with hard work, the right package and quality you can make it in this country! Such a great tune from an artist who everyday is looking more and more like the star she is destined to become. The single is out this week so click on the link and download a great tune, can’t wait for the album!!!

If you didn’t know we love this young man and his music and if you ever get the chance to engage in conversation with him you’d get the chance to see how nice genuine friendly and brilliant an individual he is! And if you don’t well check out this interview with the T as he talks about music, influences, Africa and more!

The debut EP is out this week get on itunes and start downloading!!! This guy will be MASSIVE!!!

So at the moment everyone is raving a bout the new track Vula and Ben Jones aka DivaGeek! Its the first track we’ve heard from the guys since the first Ep dropped in 09. As soon as i saw the tweets i got overly excited and was gutted that i couldn’t get to a computer to check it out. If you haven’t heard it yet have a listen.

Sunday by

What do you think? For me… i think it’s dope but i think i was expecting more so i was ever so slightly disappointed. The production is tight and the vocals as always are flawless but i feel the song doesn’t quite match the high standards they have set on the first EP. This is a clip from the a track taken from the Ep called “If You Want It” check it….

MY DAAAAAAYS! Its just the tail end of the song, but it bumps so HARD!!! The band are just onit (Jodie is such a mean bassist) and with Sharlene Hector and La Donna on vocals they take it to the next level!!! For me i don’t think Sunday is quite to this level, i just don’t get as excited about it as i do this clip. That being said it’s heads and shoulders above all of the other UK stuff i’m hearing at the moment and i can’t wait to hear the tunes that will be coming from these guys. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again these guys set the standard on every single level that an artist should be aiming for from recordings to the stage. Look out for more updates and if you find out she’s performing live… you NEED to REACH!

LOVE TO Pinboard for the hook up!!!

Tinashe will be one of the big breakthrough acts for 2010. We’ve been a big fan and supporter of this young man for a long time now and am very proud to be posting his first video , and it is BIG! Taken from his debut EP released on the 14th this is Mayday!!

I never thought i’d hear T with a vocoder on the voice but regardless of that it is such a MASSIVE TUNE!!! Big chorus and hook great build up and you can’t help but dance and groove to it. The track is released on Monday make sure you get a copy you won’t be disappointed! Makesure you get on Tinashe in 2010 serious artist!