Is it just me or does it feel like the dawn of this new decade will also bring about a new dawn for UK HipHop? For years I have been asking my HipHop Heads whats happening with UK HipHop cos for a Soul boy like myself it all seemed kinda dead after Skinny Man, Rodney P, Skitz, Klashnekoff and others had taken it to new heights. Now with Klashnekoff, Rodney P and Mystro coming with new material its looking exciting again. Leading the way for me is this man TY. The hype building around the release of is his new album is growing and growing thanks to the killer Single Emotions with Sarina Leah and Sean Escoffery and performances like this! This footage is taken from the Doctors orders night down at Fabric, TY works the stage and the Crowd HARD!!! Check it!!!

I love the man’s stage energy and presence, plus he’s just real! You can’t not love and admire that! Big up to the Doctor’s Orders crew for putting on such great HipHop events! Can’t wait for the album to drop keep an eye on the site for more updates!


Over the Valentines weekend GREEDS dropped his third Sampler. Working with Nutty P again this one is filled with the tales of love from a Good Man’s Perspective (yeah who says men are insensitive)! Its a brilliant piece of work starting with the thoughts of a man looking for Love (yes we men do have those thoughts…occasionally) to the feelings experienced when he finds his Soul Sista (GREEDS rides the Bilal Classic perfectly). Plenty of ups and downs including the SERIOUS ‘A Story To Tell’ Which you WILL need to rewind and my personal favourite below FEAR.

G.R.E.E.D.S Fear by musicisremedy

Download listen and get to know about this young man. MAKING SERIOUS MOVEMENTS AND STRIDES!!!

Vocalist/Producer/Writer/Artist/ all round musical superwoman Sewuese shows us a day in her life and I must say it doesn’t look too bad at all (look out for the view from the hotel room…SERIOUS), but at the same time not the easiest in the world….

Insightful indeed! Would have been nice to see her performing some of her own material, it gets so frustrating sometimes watching some of my favourite singers and musicians backing for artists when I and a whole heap of peeps know that their own material is generally even better! Anyway rant over… lol. Looking forward to part two.

Last week everyone was raving about the 2 sell-out nights at Jazz Cafe where Jay Electronica brought REAL hip hop to the UK masses. Obviously as much as I can appreciate it its nothing we’re gonna chat about on this site, or so i thought. I found out that during his set he brought a UK MC up from the crowd and onto the mic. Mangaliso Asi, an act known on the unsigned circuit but probably not to the bulk of the peeps in attendance, proceeded to take the platform provided and Rock the Mic… RIGHT!

Not a bad job at all, love it when Jay goes at the end “I wasn’t actually expecting him to be good!” lol. He told the crowd to give it up for their own, something that we see too little of sometimes and partially the reason why our homegrown scene is in the position its in. Props to Jay for recognising UK ability and even more props to Mangaliso for doing himself and the UK justice.


Stumbled across this guy and couldn’t believe how i’d been oblivious to his existence for so long. Dude is straight DOPE! I love the sound of his vocal wicked tone that is oh so British and London! He busts rhymes too full of character, jokes and a sidickulous flow that is all his own. I just can’t help bopping my head as i write this… SICK!

Shakka On Goes The Show by musicisremedy

Beats are nice and with a full band behind him i know that they will only get better but it isn’t about the tracks its all about this guy. This EP/Mixtape is free to download and i suggest you click the link below and check it out!

Shakka The Foolishness Volume 1

Catch him Live in London town on Feb 25th @ The Pigalle for the launch of the Eric Roberson fronted Gumbo Mix Night!

Had the pleasure last week of working sound down at Writers Block the bi-Monthly night that has been running at The Juno Bar for the last 2 years! With Valentines around the corner it was an event filled with passion fuelled performances. Jodi Anne Bickley a poet we are feeling big time at the mo opened the show with her warm tone and poems filled with character and charm.
Obenewa and newcomer Sharika Medla delivered superb acoustic sets led by their quality vocals and songs.
Indigo Williams and Tshaka Cambell came with some harder hitting lyrics delivered with a fierce passion and belief in their lyrics and verses. The audience could only sit in awe with some guys even approaching Tshaka for lines that they could use on Croydon women on a Saturday night!
Will Stopha came with a quirky jokes filled set using backing tracks, loop stations and some weird keyboard machine which he used to great effect something to check out!
XO Man closed the show with set filled with nothing but jokes. I was in stiches as was most of the crowd .He showed his diversity as an artist and performer he could have a Full band, a DJ and a hypeman or as he was on the night One man and his Mic and he’ll still rock the crowd!
It was another great night from the Writers Block crew. Its now onwards to the 2nd Birthday @ Cargo on April 14th! Look out for more details as some big acts are being lined up! Check their site for more info.

The Remedies have been working with Greeds for quite sometime now and when UK SoulJam invited him to be the first poet to perform at their Jazz Cafe night we had to make sure we put a special set together to mark the occasion, bringing in Wilson and Enrico Delves on BVs!

BWOY!!! When we dropped those couple bars of Untitled the place went nuts!!! Was an immense feeling on stage place was electric! Greeds has so much going for him keep your eye on this inspirational young man!


Music Is Remedy Podcast: Series 2 Episode 1 by musicisremedypodcast

The Music Is Remedy podcast is back! Bringing you the finest unsigned UK Soul, Jazz, Poetry, Hip-Hop and RnB. This months podcast includes tracks from Ed Sheeran, Obenewa, Benin City, Szjerdene, Naomi Jasmine and a feature from G.R.E.E.D.S.

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So its the time of year when love is in the air and the mighty XO Man has taken it upon himself to tell the world just how he feels about Cupid in the form of a new video and free download apropriatley titled… CUPID!

Its a great piece of work from the super big man with a wicked concept and the video is pretty dope too. For a free download click on the info box on the Soundwave player below to download and enjoy!!! Look out for XO Man and the Remedies at Wired Shoreditch House Monday March 1st… REACH!!!

CUPID (Radio edit) by xomanmusic

I love this guy too much. It’s so rare to find REAL quality vocalists in London town. But to find one that has a unique tone charm and character is something else. He could have so easily flopped on this tune but he delivered in every way and blessed the MJ track wonderfully. Can’t wait for his recordings to drop…. big big big!!!