This lady has been around for quite sometime now on the circuit. Signed up last year this lady is simply awesome. Powerful vocals great hooks, runs and adlibs and quite a presence on stage! Supported by many on the UK scene we all look forward to seeing her on a bigger stage very very soon!

p.s. Big up Pinboard for the footage ace job!!!

Tail end of last year our wonderful friends One Taste celebrated their 5th birthday! Performing at the Bedford on the night was Mike Kiwanuka. Better known as awesome session guitaiast playing with the likes of Obenewa, Nadine Charles and Cherri V who knew how phenomenal a singer he was!!!

This is sooooo good be sure to catch this guy when you can!

I Remember the first time I saw this young lady perform. Even before she hit the stage she looked like a star. She sounded even better. An eighties indie vocal filled with emotion and soul Kerry Leatham is big name to lookout for in the future as her career continues to soar. Checkout her most first video and see what you think.

This just puts a smile on my face. 2010 will be big for Miss Cherri V get ta know like all these kiddies! (I never had ANY shows like that in my school assembly…. kids these days KMT)


So first fresh recordings of the new decade and I have to say I’m far from disappointed. This is a gorgeous piece of Work. Collage is the demo from up and coming artist Szjerdene. She’s been round a lil while now building a nice hype around herself that she completely justifies and enhances with the three lovely songs she has here. 
Wonderful vocal range melodies and styling’s are I say again simply gorgeous. Loving the live sound of the band and that it’s guitar led as opposed to keys and synth, a form of soul that is hugely underused and underrated.
Check it out … the sounds of a future sound

Tinashe was one of the stars of the early Remedy shows. He was signed late 2008 he’s been keeping quiet perfecting his sound. Now 2010 seems to be the year he will mark his arrival in the mainstream. Have a listen and see what you think.

This Tune is mad catchy (AYE AYE AYE) there’s a great energy. The drummer with a snare hats cymbal and cardboardbox combo drives the tune with a power vocal and heavy guitar. Look out for this dude!