As we approach the 10th anniversary of Music is Remedy listening to a young man who graced our stage on many an occasion in the early days talk about being contacted by Baz Luhrmann and having his songs used on his latest project with guest verses from NAS… I mean its just incredible and so deserved. Michael Kiwanuka absolute legend and inspiration.

Angel sits down with ADTV and gives a pretty honest insight into his musical choices and drops some gems about life on a label and what you as an artist should really be doing with your music. Looking forward to hearing the next part of the interview and more importantly the music that he is cooking up.

Shout out ADTV providing quality videos of real value for all aspiring artists and the people he features.

ADTV sat down with the superstar that is Shakka after his recent performance at Wireless. He talks about how he continues to hone his craft and keep getting better. A great insight into an artist that continues to grow and inspire.

Catch Shakkas headline show at Koko this September tickets here.

AKS’ “Train of Thought” EP/Album has been about for a hot minute now. It is a quality body of work as I’ve expressed in previous posts. Here he catches up with Amaru The Don to talk to him about his journey and the project. Its a great insight into AKS and makes me enjoy the project even more. It is something Artists that are more underground don’t do enough. Let people know who you are not just through Snaps and Tweets but in the more traditional formats like an interview. It should only make people buy into you more and stand out which ultimately is what you need.

This is part 1 and should any others drop I will be sure to post them up. Get on the “Train of Thought” here.

Many a moon ago when Myspace ruled the world of social media I came across an amazing young vocalist singing covers on her youtube channel sounding amazing. I booked her to perform at a Remedy night and a beautiful relationship was born. Hayley Cassidy has gone on to become one of the UK’s premier RnB artists, consistently delivering fantastic performances whenever she gets behind the mic whether on stage or in the studio.

Here she talks about her beginnings as an artist and how that as hard as the live scene and the music game can be it provides inspiration and its something she just can’t turn away from.

Yomi GREEDS Sode is a poet I first met many moons ago when a promoter at the launch of a new night asked me to play Sax alongside him as he performed poetry to give it something a little different. From that moment I have had a front row seat in his evolution as an artist watching him grow with every performance to a place where his words can draw tears of joy and sadness out of those listening.
Yomi performed at our events in Camden, New Cross, Croydon, Greenwich, Shoreditch and has grown with the brand and helped it to grow so it was only right he be the first subject of our new series LIVE, The Art, The Journey. He is honest and frank about his experiences on the stage and why it is he does what he does.

Watch, listen and enjoy

Here are more reasons to love the art and craft of Hollie McNish. Chosen by the Poetry Society as part of their Page Fright project, which records spoken word artists performing their own work alongside performances of canonical page poetry. Hollie performs one of her own pieces as well as reading a poem and creating a response to it. If you follow this blog then you know I post her poetry regularly which is why I’ve chosen to feature her interview below as it shows the meaning, intelligence and emotion behind her work. Seeing that side to her only adds power to her performance and art.

To see the poems click the links below the video.

For more information please visit

Hollie McNish – British National Breakfast
Hollie McNish – The Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Hollie McNish – A response to ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’

The mighty Woon has a chat with the legend that is Gilles Peterson about the album recording process and kittens. Super insight into the coolness that is Jamie Woon. Shouts to Mahogany for hosting.

The album “Making Time” is available now

Last month Terri Walker put on a special night showcasing her current album “Entitled” at Under The Bridge featuring as well as her own full set performances from The Floacist, Dora Martin and Hayley Cassidy. Highlights were captured by the brilliant ADTV crew who have spliced footage with interview clips of Terri talking honestly about herself, her journey and the new album. She sounding and looking great and hearing her speak only makes me want to buy the album more. She has waved the flag for UK music for sometime now, setting high standards and achieving so much a true inspiration and undeniably one of the best the UK has ever had! Salute to you Terri!

The album Entitled is out NOW available here.

Music is Remedy favourite Sophia Thakur talks about her forthcoming project The Silver Linings 3P, her relationship with the art form and without doubt builds some anticipation to its imminent release. Looking forward to wrapping my ears around it!