Anthony Anaxagoru takes on Black Lives Mater with the assistance of Karim Kamar whose piano composition creates a dark mournful soundtrack to Anthony’s words. The two combine so well amplifying each others good points to create something uniqye and special.  This will need 3 or 4 listens before you get it all I encourage you to do so.
Shoutout SBTV this is really well shot fresh and unique style really like it!

Recentley Lionheart headed out to the states and hit many stages which as a result has now seen him featured on Russell Simmonds Def Poetry platform. As anyone who knows LionHeart knows he brought it to the yanks and judging from the crowd reaction they loved him too. What I really love is the way he is spreading British poetry cross the world. Salute.

Nao dropped the album for the summer of 2016 on Friday. On the same day my time line was flooded with videos of her performance the night before for her album launch at Village Underground. For those like myself who didn’t get a ticket enjoy this performance of the killer tune “Bad Blood”. How good is her vocal live??? Bloody brilliant!

If you haven’t already invest in this album quality.

Always a little hesitant when I see someone covering “Ex Factor”. But my oh my JP Cooper went into that 1Xtra Live Lounge and nailed it completely. Superb vocal performance staying true to the original whilst still making it his own. Without a doubt a stellar talent and artist. Really looking forward to hearing what the label has in store for him.

Let me be clear and let me say it again…


This is so sick got a lot of time for the Sumo Chef crew and the way their exceptional musicians (shout out Oscar Laurnece on the guitar) blend styles and create their own hip hop. This is SICK.

Shout out Sofar Sounds!

I’ve been waiting to hear see something like this from Loyle Carner for the longest time. Here he performs “Florence” backed by a grand piano. Not quite the full band I was hoping for but it shows that his flow and tone are perfect for live instrumentation and it works so well. I do hope we see more from him in the future with this set up, don’t get me wrong the DJ sets are dope but i’ll never say Live isn’t the best way forward!

One of my favourite Poet and wordsmiths Jolade finally has a performance for me to blog about!!! Performing at a Sofar Sounds gig he gives us a personal insight into his growth and journey through adolescence. Lots of gems to find here so listen again and again.

Catch Jolade at next months Remedy get your tickets here.

Sophia Thakur takes to the stage with some strong words to help you look inside and question yourself and be you. Her talk is just as powerful as her poetry. Again more evidence that this young lady will only continue to grow, shine and lead with her words and performance.

MNEK rolled through the 1Xtra Live Lounge to deliver this ridiculous cover of Ashanti’s Foolish. It is off the chain! There is an insane vibe throughout from start to finish as is shown in the expressions on the faces of the guys performing. The harmonies (shout out Kersha Bailey) and vocal arrangements are once again just from another world. MNEK is a boss straight up and deserves all the success and acclaim he is receiving pure talent.

Louise Golbey was invited to perform at South London’s aptly named jazz venue Hideaway and here is a visual captured on the night. What is clear is just how much control Louise has over her vocal to give a flawless performance with emotion and character. Lousie is on one of the hardest workers in the game and consistently delivers. If you don’t know get to know class act!

Her album Novel is available here.