Sometimes an artist comes along that wasn’t on your radar and just delivers a quality product that just makes you stop and applaud. No words needed just an appreciation of the quality you have just heard. This is how i’m feeling about Shiv’s “About Time” EP that just dropped. A real poised slice of RnB Soul that just sounds complete. The track below “Refuge” is a prime example of how good this project is and what a sensational vocalist Shiv is. Go check it out and get involved.

I can’t say i’ve heard a UK artist over the last few years really pull off the Drake/Weekend Production sound but i have to say I think Althea has hit the nail on the head with her EP “See My Vision” 7 tracks of contemporary RnB goodness. I can’t say I love all the tracks on here “Out of Time” has all the makings of an epic single that could easily break a major artist. A fine piece of work from an artist causing everyone to pay attention.

Last week Charlotte Turnbull dropped her eagerly anticipated EP “Making My Way” a collection of RnB Soul songs showing off her sweet vocal sounds. Below is my favourite track “You Are” a guitar led number that has a real late 90s RnB feel to it. There’s loads of nice vocal runs throughout and harmonies too. This is a quality cut and if this is anything to go by her future is gonna be bright.

An artist who I have enjoyed getting to know over the last year since first meeting him at last year’s StreetFest Heats Shaun Colwill dropped his first EP last week and it is a quality folk soul pop record with three different tracks to pull at different emotions and singing along. Below is my favourite “Pride” perhaps because I have enjoyed hearing this one a number of times now but its just got a nice groove to it broken up with intermittent stabs and builds really strongly with a superb ending. This guy has all the potential to go to the very highest level if you didn’t know about him i’m telling you now.

The Ep Bare Beginnings is available now here.

I featured the first release from the new Liz Lubega EP last month and here is another cut “Let Your Love” a gorgeous slice of RnB soul. I really like the way the keys and guitar compliment each other so nicely on the track. The beat never gets too carried way until it needs to pick it up towards the end. A strong vocal performance from Liz of course. For me the strongest track on a solid 4 track EP “The Process” go download it here.

Another Valentines release featuring two of the top emerging talents from the Spoken Word and Soul circles come together to produce a joint EP with the aim of taking the listening through the most romantic day of the year. Nego True and Music is Remedy favourite Nia Ekanem bring their styles together really well and there are some great moments on the EP. Unsuprisingly me being the soul bwoy that I am my highlight is the track below “It’s Your Love” which is Nia’s solo piece on the EP. Showing off his soft matured vocal style to the fullest on a warm love filled track.

Check out the full EP here.

Been meaning to post this for a while now Raff dropped the first cut from his “In My Eyes”Ep at the start of the year. Nothing Will Ever Be the Same is a mesh of electro pop soul stylings held together by the man’s stunning voice. There’s a load of live instrumentation in here (shout out the Remedies) with some crazy drum percussion lines and awesome guitar rifts. There are moments in the breakdowns where you feel like you could be in a Jamiroquai record. For the soul head in me those are my favourite moments when the keys come to the fore rather than the synths but thats a personal preference. I know Raff’s been waiting to get this just right before sharing this EP with the world and judging from this first release it has been worth the wait. Lets hear the rest of it already!

This came into my inbox a month or so ago but now the full EP is out seems a good enough time to post it up. Piers James as his bio depicts is very much raw, honest and blunt with his lyrical delivery and output through out the “Green Screens In-Visible View” EP. I don’t think you can put it into any kinda of bracket other than Hip Hop. “80′s Baby” is my fav cut and a good starter into the rest of the EP. If you are feeling it give the EP a try on his sound cloud.

This really is a stunning body of work from Sophia Thakur. Despite it being only 3 pieces it is takes you on quite the emotional journey. The way her words and flow combine effortlessly with the production aid in the effectiveness of each piece. It feels so real and authentic. I guess thats just why it feels like its coming straight from the heart and like many a great before her straight from her own life experiences. It’s honest.

Truly superb piece of work, her star continues to shine brighter and brighter.

“Nostalgia” is the stand out track from South Londoner Kemi Ade’s brand new EP “The Coffee Shop”. It’s 7 tracks of laid-back soul music telling tales of the nostalgia and sentiment of being in love. I like the groove on this tune the production creates a really nice vibe perfect for her voice. The rest of the EP follows a similar suit. By no means is this the finished article however it’s a pretty strong start which can only lead to more success.