My go to UK project of the year. 4 sublime tracks that I struggle to choose a favourite from. A project I again really struggle to find any flaws with. I love the lyrical content and the attitude she delivers every line with. Her vocal is brilliant. Strong but not overpowering and extremely polished. The production also is well polished with my kind of gorgeous live UK soul sound running through every track. There is nothing not to like about this project at all. If I had to pick one “Mr Impatient” probably gets the nod because of those horns but really I cant fault the project… give me that album!

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I do love this brother. So much of what I have liked this year this guy Barney Artist has been connected with. Anytime I have needed a pick me up over the last few months this has been my go to hype tune. The horns, vocal samples tom roll to bring in the chorus and the way that bass line comes in on the 2nd verse…. HAAARD! And then there is his flow… undeniable how well he is able to flex over the beat and production clearly getting better and better with every track he puts out as the years go by and his audiences grow he keeps getting better. It is fantastic seeing him succeed and I’ve no doubt 2020 he will keep it moving to the next level he deserves to reach!

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It has been amazing to see the progression of this young man and his wonderful voice in 2019. Two really strong EPs released getting plenty of critical acclaim. Stunning visuals that show his culture, personality and history complimenting his sound perfectly. I could have had a couple of tracks in the top 20 (Us in Major is stunning) but this one for me is the standout. Royce Wood Junior on production pulls this simply gorgeous track together. The sentiment in the lyrics carries through to the track and his voice. The BVs give it even more feeling and then you get this random outro that has shades of 70′s Stevie Wonder in its choice of chords guitar,bass and synth sounds and it just builds and builds gloriously I really do not want it to end. It is immense.

Amazing to see his voice being recognised on another level, fully deserved and can’t wait to see what 2020 holds for him.

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Epic fresh raw soulful jazz horns driven goodness. What’s not for me to like here. There is so much going on with their songs and arrangements it was hard for me to pick a favourite track from their “Getting Late” EP but this one just stole it. The way they use the horns to build up the track to this insane synth solo is epic. It such a BIG sound! The lead vocal is also insanely good and he leads every track with his classy vocal.

Yakul are far from the finished article and I can only see them getting better and better. Very exciting.

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Proper throwback to that mid 90s sound that gave birth the neo-soul sound. What a have a cup of tea light some incense and vibe tune. I adore the horns obviously soft subtle and complimenting the tune wonderfully. Whilst Ella sounds every part the quality vocalist she is. Her EP shows how much she can bring to the game and I hope the reaction to it which by all accounts seems to have been very positive will see her dropping more music. She has a lot to offer the scene and I think more and more people will fall in love with her sound.

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The Cleo Sol that i remember from a few years back was a great vocalist dropping good R&B music. It all went quiet and I feared that she was another artist that had fallen by the wayside. Thankfully she was busy cooking up this wonderful collection of songs.

Grown, classy, slick, quality Soul music. This project with it’s orchestral arrangments, guitar licks, power piano chords and soft warm bass lines is reminiscent of some of the best soul music of the 70′s. The stories she tells however are very much 2018 and her lyrics are key component to the brilliance of this project.

With wonderful songwriting and production the final component is Cleo’s vocal which is just divine over these songs. Its like velvet smooth and soft floating over the music. She’s never trying too hard hitting her notes effortlessly whilst still conveying the pain, frustration and angst found in the songs.

I can’t find fault with this body (which is saying a lot if i’m content with their being no horns). Any of the tracks could have been my favourite track of the year its that good. Salute Cleo Sol, thankyou and I hope we hear more of the same in 2019.

I remember when Intalekt first started dropping the “Dukes are coming” taglines wondering just what is this all about. Then the project came and the hype was backed up by a quality product.

“The Intervention” is 10 cuts of hard, dark in places but ultimately soulful Hip Hop goodness. Each track features brilliant musicianship and instrumentation, which combines with the unique and complimentary lyrics and flows of Intalekt and Geefree to give so much goodness.

I do love the “Pledge Allegiance” but “Lords” is without question my favourite. Undoubtedly it helps that guest vocalist Marie Dhalstrom is one of my favourite voices to listen to but this tune is hard. From the way they drop “Sky would come down” the track grabs me and pulls me into its sick groove. Love the guitar licks throughout and the Bassline is gorgeous. Marie’s vocals are second to none and the vocal arrangement/production makes the track that much bigger.

Two very much down to earth guys out here making that quality Hip Hop that can’t be denied.
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Slick… this guy his voice, his sound is just slick, so cool and calm he hits his notes effortlessly. The production and songwriting throughout all of his releases this year have this cool summer breeze flow to it.

You can’t help but bop your head or nod from side to side, 2 step or sway. Its just vibsey music and I absolutely love it! There is an MJ esqness to his voice and sound but it is entirely his own. Not RnB, not soul, not pop just slick and cool. love love his music get into it.

Two longtime Music is Remedy favourites Cherri V and Sincerely Wilson combined to deliver this modern day RnB classic.

Vocally the two are impeccable complimenting each other beautifully. The way they are able to use their voices and tone to show the emotions of the song is so impressive and the production really does allow their voices to just shine.

Taken from the quality EP Brown Eyed Soul Vol 1 full of decent RnB songs that see Cherri do what she does best with her powerhouse vocal. Check it out.

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(hopefully next year)! If you love RnB go check it!

One of the first releases this year to really grab my attention. Jermaine Riley dropped the Midas Touch project and started the years RnB revolution laying down a marker for the quality standards that artists needed to bring.

This was my favourite cut probably the Jamaican in me but I loved hear Jermaine dropping the smooth RnB vocal and taking it to the dancehall coming like a singjay. Still love the Beyonce Fiance rhyme in there. He really did take on this Busta track and brucked it up proper!!! Actually this is much more enjoyable.

A enjoyable easy to listen to project. A great marker of what to expect when Jermaine blesses us with an album
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