For me this album came out of nowhere. I picked up on a lot of people talking about it and couldn’t deny it’s exceptional quality once getting into it . A mesh of hip hop and soul similar to the Dilla and Platinum Pied Pipers sounds of 05 and 06 with a distinctly British northern Grit making it all the more authentic and real.

As a body of work it’s hard to find fault with it but this one track really did stand out for me and moved me. I guess because I can relate to it and had so many memories myself of sitting in the back of Dad’s car and listening to music it took me back to that happy place and to those feelings of love, cassette tapes and musical education. I guess that’s what really makes music stand out when you can really relate to the message and it’s feeling. this song not only makes me think about my father and those memories but also my role as a Dad and the education I am giving my children every time we drive.

Thank you Children of Zeus for this song and also a landmark album that will go down in the history of UK hip hop as one of the greatest.

Barney Artist dropped an album… YES! Since he first talking about the album being finished on the Are We Live podcast to hearing the lead singles i couldn’t wait to get my ears around it. It didn’t disappoint Hip Hop at its finest.

Listening back to his previous projects and then taking in Home is where the art is you can hear his progression as an artist and how he has developed his sound, style and message. There’s a level of quality and class to each track that is typified in my favourite track Merchants.

The piano and trumpet give it a jazzy dark feel with the strings adding another layer of darkness. His flow and lyrical goodness tell his truth connecting with the production of the track creating a wonderful piece of art.

And thats it, this is his art. Its just real. I think that is the reason he has the evergrowing fanbase he is developing. He speaks his truth and tells those tales from his words. He’s a hard guy not to like and you hear that in his music.
Brilliant first album peeps go take it in or play it again.

What a tune. Everytime i listen to it I hear a different tune or sound that i didn’t before, making me love it even more. Be it the elegant strings, guitar links or the sick Stevie Wonder synth lines that come in at the end break down (favourite part of the song those harmonies and adlibs toooo goood) it is all just marvelous.

There is just an overall polished tone tone to this tune that just gives it a major label quality that can be hard to find in an independent artist on the rise. Her voice also has a class that is sublime. Delving into lower tones helps her to standout even more. Her harmonies and BVs add this whole other layer to the track, never too much never too little.

Just a class act that is doing everything right can’t wait to enjoy what she brings in 2019.

Slick… this guy his voice, his sound is just slick, so cool and calm he hits his notes effortlessly. The production and songwriting throughout all of his releases this year have this cool summer breeze flow to it.

You can’t help but bop your head or nod from side to side, 2 step or sway. Its just vibsey music and I absolutely love it! There is an MJ esqness to his voice and sound but it is entirely his own. Not RnB, not soul, not pop just slick and cool. love love his music get into it.

Xover the debut album from Blue Lab Beats was one of the albums I was eagerly anticipating dropping in 2018 and it didn’t disappoint. Merging styles and sounds it was/is a quality piece of work.

Timeless is a track that I think encapsulates what they do. Soulful Jazz and Blues to a MPC devised Hip Hop Beat background. I love the piano and it dominates the track but as mentioned the beat gives a groove to have you bopping your head.

The Vocoder has me thinking of Teddy Riley and Blackstreet at their best and gives it the Jazz feel of the sound they recieve much recognition for championing and champion it they do but their music represents so much more. Get involved!

Ruby Francis is the future. She has this energy about her that is just infectious be it through her live performances, dance routines, beat making or tracks like this one you can’t help but catch her vibe!!!

There has been a steady stream of quality releases from Ruby throughout the year this one being my favourite. Her brand of RnB, 80s, Neptunes inspired funk soul can be found in all of her productions. Sharp stabbing synth sounds that combined with electro claps and hi-hats get you bopping your head. Her youthful vocal hs a fiesty bashfulness to it that draws you into the tune more with each listen.

As I said at the top Ruby Francis is the future, ridiculously gifted and talented that more and more people will discover in 2019.

Hayley Cassidy’s talent is just undeniable. It doesn’t mater how long she leaves it between giving us some music her voice still owns every track.

This is a great reflective track looking back and thinking back about how things were, when life was that much easier. The RnB production is onpoint and I love the way she rides the beat at the at the end as it picks up.

I was hoping this single would lead to more but nothing has dropped as of yet. I do hope that at somepoint in 2019 we do get an album from Hayley. I can’t not think it would be something very very special.

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Two longtime Music is Remedy favourites Cherri V and Sincerely Wilson combined to deliver this modern day RnB classic.

Vocally the two are impeccable complimenting each other beautifully. The way they are able to use their voices and tone to show the emotions of the song is so impressive and the production really does allow their voices to just shine.

Taken from the quality EP Brown Eyed Soul Vol 1 full of decent RnB songs that see Cherri do what she does best with her powerhouse vocal. Check it out.

#CherriV #SincerelyWilson #RnB #support

Probably one of the most slept on projects of the year. In spring time Nate Williams dropped these 5 cuts of glorious soul pop rnb goodness featuring the quite brilliant “Lucky me”.

Its the kinda song you have playing when you’re strolling down the street, the sun is shining, everything is blessesd and your other half is just making you smile.

As always Nate’s musicianship is second to none with some ridiculous runs (second verse… MATE) and a nice steady build up that leads to a sick guitar solo,groove and breakdown before it finishes on a high. Could quite happily keep listening to him riffing over that last chorus for hours. You can’t help but shake your head and sing along as you learn the lyrics Such a TUNE!

All instruments bar the guitar solo and congas by Nate himself too!!! Ridiculous! Do delve into this project he really doesn’t disappoint pure quality.

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Thursday August 31st 2006 in Camden Town we held out first ever Remedy event. Since then we have hosted many nights crossed passed with some extremely gifted individuals (and not so gifted) doing what Music is Remedy does best supporting, promoting and developing emerging artists and providing amazing experiences for music lovers.

On Thursday September 1st we celebrated our 10th anniversary with a very special night at Stereo 92 with bringing back some old favourites from Remedy’s past and also having some acts that we are certain will be making waves in years to come.

KBD were on hand to create this special video capture highlights from the performances and also talking to the people to find out just what Music is Remedy meant to them.

Big love to all who played a part in the video and to anyone who ever enjoyed a Remedy night.

Full list of performers and social Media links below

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Instagram: musicisremedy
Snapchat: AshRemedy

Filmed and Edited by KBD

Audio recording by Tania Neacsu

Featured Track: Mundu “Supernatural” Cover


Shaun Colwill

Leslie Lewis Walker

Lizzie Nightingale


Greg Dwight

Natalie Fiawoo

Kaana Ellie

Yomi Sode


House Band on the night The Remedies