Thursday August 31st 2006 in Camden Town we held out first ever Remedy event. Since then we have hosted many nights crossed passed with some extremely gifted individuals (and not so gifted) doing what Music is Remedy does best supporting, promoting and developing emerging artists and providing amazing experiences for music lovers.

On Thursday September 1st we celebrated our 10th anniversary with a very special night at Stereo 92 with bringing back some old favourites from Remedy’s past and also having some acts that we are certain will be making waves in years to come.

KBD were on hand to create this special video capture highlights from the performances and also talking to the people to find out just what Music is Remedy meant to them.

Big love to all who played a part in the video and to anyone who ever enjoyed a Remedy night.

Full list of performers and social Media links below

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Filmed and Edited by KBD

Audio recording by Tania Neacsu

Featured Track: Mundu “Supernatural” Cover


Shaun Colwill

Leslie Lewis Walker

Lizzie Nightingale


Greg Dwight

Natalie Fiawoo

Kaana Ellie

Yomi Sode


House Band on the night The Remedies

Thursday August 31st 2006 in Camden Town we held out first ever Remedy event. Since then we have hosted many nights crossed passed with some extremely gifted individuals (and not so gifted) doing what Music is Remedy does best supporting, promoting and developing emerging artists and providing amazing experiences for music lovers.

For those of you good at maths that means The Music is Remedy brand turns 10 next month!!! At our September 1st show we will be celebrating that but also myself and the brand will be taking a break from it all to enjoy time with my son who joins us im the coming weeks and taking on the joys, demands and responsibilities of having 2 little ones.

This means a break from blog life, social media and working out what the next chapter is for Music is Remedy.

It also means there is just 2 shows LEFT!!! So if you have never been to a Remedy night you have 2 more opportunities before our break. Details for Thursdays show just click the link, but if you know and love what we do you’ll enjoy the show so come down.

Remedy August 4th

Send me an email for £5 guestlist and join us for a great night!

And if you’ve read this far big love to you for all your support


Many a moon ago when Myspace ruled the world of social media I came across an amazing young vocalist singing covers on her youtube channel sounding amazing. I booked her to perform at a Remedy night and a beautiful relationship was born. Hayley Cassidy has gone on to become one of the UK’s premier RnB artists, consistently delivering fantastic performances whenever she gets behind the mic whether on stage or in the studio.

Here she talks about her beginnings as an artist and how that as hard as the live scene and the music game can be it provides inspiration and its something she just can’t turn away from.

Fontzerelli aka MC Fontz as we knew him back in the day was one of the first rappers to grace the Remedy stage. Backing up XO Man he would bring energy and jokes to the stage working the crowd to brilliant effect. He was a big part of our South London Night Soul Lab where he co-hosted and brought all of his charisma to the fore.

Since then he has gone on to gain much success with his first album Vibe dropping just over a year ago and picking up hosting gigs for Jump Off, So Solid Crew and NAS. The stage presence that he built up and honed in the scene prepared him and helped to create the bigger opportunities that make his career. It was great catching up with him as in this video he shows a different side to his character that unless you know him you don’t really see.

Sturt Pringle I first met as the younger brother of our Bass player’s girlfriend when we were looking for a new drummer for The Remedies. He was an emo kid with a love for jazz and a technically very gifted player. From being the baby of the band he has grown into its rock and leader adding feeling and diversity to the brilliant ability he already had (which also progressed to new levels). The skills that he accumulated working the live scene with The Remedies has seen him play for the likes of Ghost Poet, Jesse Boykins III, Mikill Pane and Ed Sheeran performing at festivals and venues around the country.

As the heartbeat of The Remedies the band that the night was built around he was the only suitable choice when picking a musician to feature. So here he is talking about his experiences on the stage and why it is he does what he does.

Yomi GREEDS Sode is a poet I first met many moons ago when a promoter at the launch of a new night asked me to play Sax alongside him as he performed poetry to give it something a little different. From that moment I have had a front row seat in his evolution as an artist watching him grow with every performance to a place where his words can draw tears of joy and sadness out of those listening.
Yomi performed at our events in Camden, New Cross, Croydon, Greenwich, Shoreditch and has grown with the brand and helped it to grow so it was only right he be the first subject of our new series LIVE, The Art, The Journey. He is honest and frank about his experiences on the stage and why it is he does what he does.

Watch, listen and enjoy

Music is Remedy came to the public eye late August 2006 in a bar in Camden formerly known as the OH Bar with our first ever live event Remedy. Since then many artists graced the stage at our events. Some have pushed on and carved out varying levels of success wowing crowds around the country some even achieving world-wide success, whilst others have settled down and left their performing days behind them.

With the return of the original Remedy night in April we decided to sit down with some of the performers who were a big part of the Remedy family we created in the early days and talk to them about their art and journey. Looking at how working the live circuit was so important and how it helped them hone their craft and drive their passions.

We picked different performers that represent the different areas that Music is Remedy showcase… Hip Hop Soul Spoken Word and of course live music. So we have the poet, the singer, the rapper and the musician.

Over the next 4 weeks we will be releasing a different episode every Thursday as we count down to the return of the Remedy night on April 7th @ Stereo 92. Starting on Thursday March 3rd! It’s a project I’m really excited to share with everyone. It’s honest, fun, from the heart and shows all those aspiring to be in the game what it’s all about. Here is a preview of what to expect.

Big shout out to KBD who were a pleasure to work with on this project. Providing a fabtatsic professional service if you are looking for visual work. Subscribe to KBD to see the videos first.

Also Stereo 92 where we shot the videos and where we host not only the music is Remedy Open Mic on the 2nd Wednesday of the month but also the new Remedy night. Great food and and an amazing live experience.
The first episode drops Thursday March 3rd 2016

On Saturday night, prime time BBC 1 scene veteran Lara Lee aka Floetic Lara put in a superb performance and was unlucky not to make it through to the semi final. To be fair i don’t think she could have done any better.

She was simply immense working a stage of that magnitude as if she had been working it for years it was incredible, and so unfortunate that her team mate Sasha chose the Quarter final to put in the performance of her Voice journey that made it impossible for Tom to pick anyone other than her as his fast choice to the Semi Final.

So that left it down to the public to decide Lara’s fate and as much as her team worked so hard to get the word out there and build support for the South Londoner it was never likely to be enough as was shown when she didn’t make it through.

Personally I feel like she exceeded all expectations she owned that stage on Saturday with the nation watching. She was superb and to say she represented the scene fantastically is an understatement. She dropped Spoken Word on Saturday Night BBC1 TV that is BIG! I do hope that this experience will open new doors and opportunities for her because she deserves to have a career in this industry.

So i salute you Miss Lara Lee you were superb and the world definitely knows who you are now.

This Sunday Wilson drops his second EP “Tone of Art”. Its been two years since his first release “Painted in Silence” a wonderful piece of work that finally gave people who had heard and enjoyed Wilson’s soft and tender tones on the live circuit something to take home. It left people wanting more and so the second EP is eagerly anticipated by fans old and new and judging from the preview tracks it will not disappoint.
As expected its a soulful affair dominated by Wilson’s trademark sensual vocal sound that could make ice in the antarctic melt. The production is built more around live instrumentation rather than being heavily produced giving the tracks a very natural organic feel which is nice. But most importantly there is evidence of growth in not only his songwriting but vocal technique as well which is no mean feat. The songs sound and feel stronger and more powerful which is a testament to his development.
The stage is set for him to continue onto greater successes, producing more brilliant works of art and taking his place as one of the UK’s best soul singers, it’s all in his hands.

Tone of Art launches this Sunday tickets for the live event are still available here.

I had pleasure and pain watching The Voice on Saturday night as their were mixed fortunes for Music is Remedy favourites Chris Royal and Cherri Prince. Chris went through despite having to find a way to make his sweet soulful sounds standout over a rocky version of Adele’s “Rolling in The Deep”. That should have (and in my opinion did) play into his opponent’s hands who was far more comfortable with the genre choice. However Ricky kept faith in Chris’ quality vocal (and also probably his passion and desire) to send him through.
Cherri Prince on the other hand was not as fortunate in her jazz scatt off. Despite looking and sounding elegant and stunning on stage it was deemed not enough. Couldn’t help thinking Will decided to bet on the potential of youth over Cherri’s more polished and experienced vocal. Disappointing to say the least.
I do however have to go back to the standout performance of the night and for my reckoning the best i’ve seen on a reality music show. The Iesher Haughton and Femi Santiago battle was just amazing. Taking the wonderful classic “Listen To Your Heart” they did the great Dianna Ross and Marvin Gaye justice with two unbelievable vocal performances. Iesher just has this effortlessness about her. Its frightening to think what standard she will reach with more training and experience. Whilst Femi has just got it! Can’t say anything more then that. Thankfully both have advanced to the next round with Femi being saved so we will have at least one more Saturday night with these two blessing our ears with their amazing vocals. I have to thank the BBC and the Voice. Say what you want about the format but on Saturday night for 2 minutes 19 seconds the nation was exposed to the brilliance that can be found in this country.

Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy this is glorious!