Luv’Rell has been unstoppable all year and May 10th 2015 proved that she is nowhere near finished as her first debut EP ‘Alpha Tauri’ was independently released. The title alone demonstrates Luv’Rell’s creative finesse; it derives from the fact that it’s her first EP (Alpha meaning the beginning), a star in the universe and also a play on her birth sign (Taurus – Tauri). Influenced by love, Luv’Rell’s vocals caress each track beautifully and provides infinite musical serenity with tracks such as ‘No Gravity.’ It’s clear that Luv’Rell accepted no limits when creating this masterpiece since variety is plentiful with up tempo tracks like ‘Luv You Right’ and ‘Hennessey.’ It is always refreshing to see home grown UK talent push and break boundaries especially when there are stipulations in the industry that “R&B in the UK is dead.” 12 hours after the release Alpha Tauri hit the top 20 R&B charts on iTunes and is currently now in the top 10. Alpha Tauri has gone down in history as one of the best EPs released this year in the ‘Music Is Remedy’s’ office. We are definitely excited to see what else the amazingly talented Luv’Rell has in store for the rest of 2015. R&B lovers and anyone who appreciates good, authentic music grab your copy now – you will not be disappointed.

Alpha Tauri is out now on iTunes here.

Favourite track: Hennessey

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10 days into 2014 and Dionne Reid has already blessed the universe with her fascinating talent by releasing #ReidMix Vol 1. Anyone who remembers rushing home to make sure they don’t miss their favourite TV programme will definitely have some memories jogged whilst listening to this EP. It may remind you of simpler times when your mum would always interrupt you at the best part of the show to do your chores. Dionne takes us back in time with TV shows such as ‘Power Rangers’ and also keeps it current with the likes of ‘Family Guy.’ ReidMix Vol 1 is filled with fun energy, laughter and creative talent. Dionne immerses nothing but genius ideas throughout the entire EP and even includes a surprise twist on the track entitled, ‘Arthur.’  ReidMix Vol 1 is a thoroughly enjoyable EP that will warm your spirit with nothing but positive messages. The industry is very focused on certain aspects of music but Dionne is breaking down all barriers and maintaining her courageous morals to make music genuinely from the heart. Dionne also demonstrates that music doesn’t always have to be so constrained by boundaries as “Music is allowed to be fun.”  Her beautifully warm vocals carry this EP to flawless creativity. I cannot wait to see what else Dionne has in store for the rest of the world this year!
Download the free EP here.

Favourite track: Arthur

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Sunday 18th March 2012, was the day London based singer/songwriter Wilson, shared his highly anticipated debut EP; ‘Painted on Silence with the universe. In my humble opinion this is one of the best pieces of music to ever bless the UK music scene. From start to finish, from intro to outro the level of talent, expertise and musical finesse shine throughout the entire EP. Equipped with 6 tracks that have been musically bounded in perfect harmony, Wilson gives us an insight into his journey.  To begin with Wilson’s smooth, sexy voice declares his undying love for music as well as the utmost respect he holds for artists such as Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway and the late Michael Jackson who also inspire him. Throughout the EP Wilson’s lyrics are very thought provoking and they tell a story – a story that has you gripped from the first decibel. Tracks such as ‘First Class,’ demonstrate Wilson’s amazing song writing skills as it clear that he has penned this song with such compassion and creativity. The lyrics are genius and gel so well with the title. ‘Stay With Me,’ is a beautiful up tempo track that will get you moving without you even realising; his music is powerful it speaks to your soul. This may be a strange analogy to some but Wilson’s voice can be compared to the likes of Denzel in the way in which it can captivate a woman’s attention. His voice is sensual and it cradles the beat like a mother’s hand to her child – it is just beautiful! This EP is full of real music including live instruments, real lyrics with a great story and a ridiculously talented voice. To be honest it is more than just an EP, it is art – a beautiful self portrait of Wilson, ‘Painted on Silence.’ If you haven’t heard it yet you may be the odd one out and want to rectify that very soon! Wilson is definitely not going anywhere as he knows music is what he was born to do;

“I’m staying here – my heart says it’s where I belong.”

‘Painted on Silence,’ is a jigsaw of musical bliss and I cannot wait to hear what else Wilson has in store for us!


Favourite track: Stay With Me

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Thursday 8th March 2012, down at The Rhythm Factory in Aldgate saw the first renowned Remedy Live of 2012. The night was filled with impressive UK talent, real music and warm vibes. The show began with a slightly shy crowd who some of which were Remedy virgins but all of that anxiety was soon put to bed by the impeccable G.R.E.E.D.S who was the host for the evening. He filled them with warmth, laughter and positive vibrations which soon prepared folks for the great night ahead.

To kick start the evening singer songwriter Greg Dwight took to the stage singing 3 original tracks that definitely got the crowd moving. He eased everybody in with his first track and moved onto crowd participation with his track entitled, ‘Better Days.’ Everyone loved this track and they were soon singing along following Greg’s musical instructions. “Coz tomorrows gonna be a better day….wo-ooooo.” This was his first time performing with The Remedies and it was a complete success. Before performing Greg stated; “I’m feeling awesome and I am looking forward to seeing everyone perform – it’s going to be a great night. I will be performing tracks people have heard before to keep the EP tracks exclusive for its release. Everyone also make sure you come to Wilson’s EP launch on the 18th March.”

Next to the stage was the sexy Ms Kaana Ellie who has been missed profusely from the Remedy Live nights and the live circuit in general. Ms Ellie explained her silence as having so much going on at one time. “When you have so much going on something has to go and at that point I had to let music go but I missed it so much so I had to return. I’m back with new stuff tonight so let’s see what happens. I’m feeling nervous, feels like I’m starting all over again but I’m excited to be back!” Kaana performed four tracks and from the first note it was crystal clear that the queen of funk was back! She rocked her gorgeous, sparkly stilettos and delivered her songs with tended to “Frustration.” It’s good to see her back doing what she does best!

Third to the stage was the lyrically sound rapper Incisive who exploded the stage with his funky fresh bars performing four tracks. From the moment he stepped onto the stage his energy was infectious and his music had everybody bopping their heads and tapping their feet. He performed his soon to be released single, entitled “This groove,” of which he invited singer songwriter Shakka to the stage who features on the song. This was definitely the track of his set – amazing sound and just real music! Having spoken to him before his performance Incisive voiced, “It’s my first time with The Remedies and I am looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to a new groove, that’s different to my normal stuff – a different groove with a different band.”

To close the night was the effortlessly, flawless singer songwriter Kal Lavelle who wooed the crowd with her soothing, sensual voice. Accompanied by the band and her self played guitar she serenaded the night with a number of tracks to end the evening with appreciation for real music and real talent. Kal has a beautiful voice that is almost surreal and has the power to captivate your attention at any given moment.

If you missed this night, shame on you but no stress because this will not be the only Remedy Live for 2012.

KM Scribbles


Awkwardly stylish came to mind whilst spectating the BRIT Awards 2012, celebrating the British Music Industry tonight (21st February 2012). It was almost as if a certain amount of “prestige” was trying to be portrayed which wasn’t really there. James Corden who hosted the night was interrupted on two occasions whilst introducing acts; by artists in the audience walking across the screen. This did however create a little humour for the show and broke up the pretence of the show.

The main highlights of the night were UK’s blazing hot solo artists of the moment Adele and Ed Sheeran both scooping two awards each tonight. The astounding Adele has already won 6 Grammys within the last two weeks and now has two BRIT Awards for both British Female Solo Artist and British Album of the Year to add to her mantelpiece which she proudly accepted with the words: “Nothing makes me prouder than coming home with six Grammys and then coming to the Brits and winning album of the year. I’m so proud to be British and to be flying the flag.” She also went on to serenade the audience with a flawless performance of her number one single Rolling in The Deep. This is a proud moment for all of us as it is so refreshing to see UK talents shine in their rightful glory. Adele has soared to new heights and has had an amazing music career so far. We can only imagine what is coming next from the beautiful superstar. Adele we salute you, keep knocking those pillars down in this crazy music industry.

Watching Ed Sheeran perform at the BRIT Awards could not have been any more heart warming as he has performed with The Remedies on a number of occasions, including Ed taking part in a Remedy Live gig as well as featuring The Remedies on his Live at the Bedford CD/DVD. His epic performance of his hit single Lego House is definitely a moment that will go down in Remedy history. Ed most deservingly won British Male Solo Artist and British Breakthrough Act with an admirable modest acceptance speech; “I honestly didn’t think I would get this one. I want to thank my family, the fans, every single promoter that has ever booked me, every single radio DJ that has ever played me and my label.” Ed is nothing short of remarkable and we hope to see many more awards going his way. We are extremely proud and honoured to have had the pleasure of our live band The Remedies share a stage with the incredible man himself.

Other performances on the night included: Florence and the Machine, Olly Murs, Bruno Mars and Rihanna. Bruno Mars wowed the audience with his mesmerising vocals and smooth charm and delivered a top notch performance (as always).

What artists would you like to see at The BRIT Awards 2013? Leave your comments below


Last night I rolled down to The Hoxton Bar & Kitchen to checkout The 14th who were celebrating the launch of their EP.
This was the first time I’d seen Tracey and Tom in action since they debuted their sound last summer. Since they had dropped a dope video and amassed a range of quality reviews from the press and a strong following. I was interested to see their growth… Disappointed I was not.
Tracey was electric on stage. Her presence on stage was immense you couldn’t take your eyes off her. Even those not too sure about the sound were drawn in. As for the beats well Tom has successfully taken the sound of noughties garage and made it into their own. The production made me feel like I was taken back in time (and different era) and couldn’t help but skank like I was in a rave 10 years ago!
Its a very impressive package and one you are gonna be hearing a lot more of trust me get your hands on the EP NOW!


Today Dean Atta release his debut album The Missing Piece and it’s everything you’d expect from the man if you knew him and everything you’d expect from looking at the cover… upfront, honest and well the bare naked truth. From start to finish Dean tells stories of experience from his own life and what he has witnessed throughout. There are sad hardhiting pieces like ‘Key to the City’, tales of love and heartbreak in ‘Tunnel Vision’ and ‘Goodbye’ alongside tales of family and his roots on ‘Mother Tongue’

My favourite would probably be ‘Ascension’. It’s a lovely sample but probably the piece that resonates with me the most. Trying to live up to your potential and rise above the disappointments of life.

Dean Atta – Ascension by musicisremedy

There’s something in there for everyone which is always the mark of a good body of work. And it’s not just for the spoken word heads it’s something music lovers can enjoy too. Click on the link below and give it a listen and download for free!!!

Dean Atta Missing Piece

Good work Mr Atta!


J Treole return with their 3rd EP and finest work to date. The 4 boys from the Cambridge areas whoose mesh of HipHop rhymes and Jazz structures have won them rave reviews in the past have allowed themselves to grow and evolve to a new level of brilliance.


The first track “Symphony of the Shrapnel” eases you into the EP with nice chords & beats (with a little reggae break in there too) whilst the synths and distorted guitar giving it a darker edge, before building up towards the end with some nice BVs. Its the 2nd track “Skydive” that really takes you somewhere else tune is straight epic.

J Treole Skydive by musicisremedy

The chords just make the song feel massive. The Beat and bass drives the song (with some beautiful fills from both inbetween) keeping your head bopping. The horns and BV’s are used really well to help build the track and give them an extra quality. And finally the acoustic guitar just gives it a commercial edge making it easy on the ear.
The final track “Mister Wolf” finishes things off nicely. Similar to the first track but this one has a swagger about it. Cool verses with a dark chorus ending the EP real nice and leaving you wanting more.
All in all really loving this. It has the feel of early Jamiroquai and 4hero records and what they would sound like if you had Roots Manuva rhyming on top. Music like this is rare simply because the level of musicianship required to make it is HIGH and takes work. This really is a superb piece of work and for a pound you can’t go wrong really. Looking forward to seeing whats next for these guys but don’t sleep on them, bloody brilliant.


The Spoken Word/Poetry scene is on fire in London town. Long running events like One Taste and Poetry & Motion and Lyrical geniuses like David J and Polar Bear have helped a scene evolve and grow. Nurturing new wordsmiths, inspiring new events into life and allowing the genre to mix and play with its brothers HipHop and Soul. The emergence of nights like Writers Block, Rum Punch and Chill Pill and artists with hunger ambition and quality like G.R.E.E.D.S, Holly McNish and Deanna Rodger have pushed the artform to new heights and audiences.

Poejazzi is a night that has been at the forefront of this scene for sometime now. Their mission this year was to make 2010 The Year Of The Poet and they have been working hard to make that a reality. Already this year they’ve had shows at The Camden Crawl, Days of Decadence and Royal Festival to name a few. Last Thursday was the highlight of the year so far as they sold out The E4 Udderbelly on The Southbank providing a crowd of 400+ peeps an evening they wouldn’t be forgetting anytime soon!

Lail Arid acted as host for the evening performing songs before introducing each act. She had a friendly, quirky nice style warming the crowd nicely and getting a smile out of everyone when she did her cover Salt & Pepper’s “Lets Talk About Sex”… jokes!


The show however really kicked off when organisers Josh and Musa hit the stage with their band Benin City. A mad mesh of Soul/Funk/Afrobeat provides a perfect backbeat for their lyrical tales of life in the capital and those that climb the ladder searching for happiness and the struggle of the creative minds searching for something else in life. The set was brilliant the horn Section brought it all to life whilst the Drums and Bass held it all together. Josh and Musa were on top form working all sides of the stage and crowd. Dancing and prancing around even fitting costume changes! Backing them immaculately on BVs was Belinda Zhawi. They set the tone for what was to come…

Second half of the show featured one of the scenes hero’s. An artist who has grown with the scene and inspired many, his manipulation and delivery of words leaves me in a daze and awe of his skills. Inua Ellams as always did not disappoint. A genius and modern day Shakespeare his words left me looking at the homeless and stars on a different light completely.


Headlining the night Yungun kept the level of quality high and produced a set approving his headline status. The band brought colour and energy to his rhymes. Lyrically dude had a lot to say and delivered with intelligence and swagger building a great rapport with a crowd that probably knew little about him. His performance renewed my lost hope in UK HipHop leaving me feeling that there are quality artists out there with strong beats and serious song content, they just need a platform like the one Yungun was provided with that evening and boy did he make the most of it! I’m sure he gained more then just one new fan that night.

All in all it was quite an amazing night. Taking a spoken word out of a bar/ venue and into a fully seated sold out venue backed by E4…. now thats what i call pushing things FORWARD! Year of the Poet indeed… bravo!

All pictures taken by Craig Thomas